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I graduated in 2009 with degrees in Biology and Broadcast Communications, got a job at Entercom, and haven't looked back since. I love moustaches, roller derby, robots, books, cats, eclectic furniture and laughing. Lots of laughing.

4th of July Mayhem.

What. A. Weekend.

Three day weekends are the best. And don't let anyone ever tell you differently.

I was all over the place too.

Spent the night up there with my roommate.
We went to a concert, walked the city, and just had an overall awesome time.

On the way back to the border we got stuck in uber amounts of traffic. So to make ourselves feel better, we bought Dairy Queen Blizzards.
I haven't had one of those in about 5 years.
It's what happiness tastes like.

(Don't mind my sideways picture. It's how I live my life.)

This is the aftermath of a night in Toronto. Solid objects and I do not mesh well when a few drinks are involved.

Some other tidbits:

Movies in a friend's backyard watching it on a big white sheet (so awesome).

I made garbage-ish plates! Homemade baked beans as well. They look gross but they're hella good.

Bocci ball intensity.

Then I came back to the office to find this had arrived for me.
Read the upper left hand corner. The one and only (!!!!)
I almost fell out of my chair.

Back to the regularly scheduled programming tomorrow.

How was your weekend?

07/05/2011 4:19PM
4th of July Mayhem.
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07/08/2011 2:31PM
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