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Atilla the Hostess!!!

Atilla the Hun was one of the most fearsome invaders and enemy of the Roman Empire.   He is also alive and well as the proprietor of a banquet hall in Utica, NY.

I came face to face with "Atilla the Hostess"  at my BFF's brother's wedding.  She was all things a hostess shouldn't be...

1.  Atilla got on the mic not once, not twice, but THREE TIMES to insist twice the guests be seated for the bridal party entrance and once to introduce herself and welcome us to her banquet hall.  She also included a FLOURISH with her arms and a GRACEFUL POSE and invited us to "BE HER GUEST."

2.  She yelled at the DJ twice, insisting that this was the MOST DISORGANIZED event ever and that the FOOD WAS, I'm no caterer, but pasta, rice, and quarter chickens can sit in a warming oven for a long time and retain their flavor, texture, and palatibility.  But, this food NEEDED TO BE SERVED.  And, an hour after the head table was called to dinner, was promptly pulled, leaving several people at my table (including my bf) hungry for seconds which they were DENIED.

3.  She put herself in front of the photographer to instruct the bride and groom how to feed each other cake and, according to the photographer, began to instruct her how to photograph the couple.

4.  She was incredibly PRESENT the entire reception and was the antonym of INCONSPICUOUS.  She wore loud jewelry, had a thick black nest of hair, she wore what appeared to be a garbage bag or shower curtain, and wedge sandals.  I could pick her out of a police lineup and I was not sober for this wedding.  She demanded a time schedule and a stringent end time, informing the DJ "if they're not out of here at 10.15p, I'm charging the bride and groom another $500."

So, for fun, I called Atilla's Place to make an appointment for my own reception...

(In case the plugin doesn't work, here's a link to the AUDIO VAULT PAGE.)

Have you run into an ATILLA THE HOSTESS before?

Hit the comments and share your experience!!

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10/18/2010 1:15PM
Atilla the Hostess!!!
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10/19/2010 12:44PM
Personally, I think she needs to be fired. She sounds like a mother of the bride from hell! And who cares what she thinks is tacky, cost effective or a small party? Whose wedding is it? That's right...NOT HERS! Not only does it reflect badly on theestablishment, but it reflects badly on the bride and groom. Personally, she said personally too many times!
10/19/2010 1:19PM
Atilla's World...
Atilla can't be fired..she owns the joint! :) The bride and groom were insulated from everything... I talked to them and they very much enjoyed their day and who am I to take that away from them? Have you ever encountered an Atilla? -Jesse
10/19/2010 1:42PM
My sister got married about 15 yrs ago and had her reception at a party house in Chili and Attila sounds exactly like the hostess at my sisters' reception. My sister didn't have a receiving line because "atilla" said food was ready and then she went up to one of the guests (who was on the heavier side), and made a comment about her having seconds on potatoes!!
10/19/2010 1:44PM
Oh my gosh...I hope this woman didn't stress out the bride, because hearing you talk about it on air and reading about it made ME stressed!! What is this woman's deal? She could have done her job well without making herself the star of the show. And, how DARE she make such snarky comments about "your wedding"!!!! EWWW!!! I can't believe how incredibly rude she was.
10/19/2010 1:48PM
YOU HAVE TO BE KIDDING ME. That's so shameful!! I hope your sister asked for some $$ back!! -Jesse
10/19/2010 2:00PM
I have met Atilla at my wedding
This lady is so terribly rude! How dare she tell you or anyone what you want for your wedding is tacky or too small! I would have never been able to refrain from giving her a piece of my mind while on the phone with her! I have met my own Atilla a my wedding. I had a nice simple wedding with about 100 guests. My photographer was simply the WORST!!! When I met with my photgrapher I was very specific about my "relaxed" wedding and how it was going to be basically a chicken BBQ meal, in the country etc... She had to "borrow" gas money because she brought none with her. She was late getting from the salon to the wedding site because she refused to follow me. She didn't take pics of any of my guests. Was very rude to my guests. By the time she wanted to leave I was so sick of her that I told her to go so I g=could enjoy the rest of my day! And to boot my pictures were terrible! Blurry, discolored, eyes closed, people looking in opposite directions, etc...
10/19/2010 7:06PM
Does this woman really continue to get business???? Apparently it's all about her and her convenience. Not to mention pushing for more people means more dollars for her. She obviously doesn't care because once she get's what is probably a "non refundable deposit" she doesn't care what people think of her because she'll make money off of it anyway. Unbelievable....
11/02/2010 12:31PM
frustrated wedding planner
I listened to your call. This woman is a trip! She obviously has an inflated opinion of herself. She really must own the business because I don't believe anyone could get away with her comments and still have a job! Definitely she thinks of herself as a wedding planner, not a caterer! She had a negative thing to say about everything you said. I thought a wedding was supposed to be the happiest day of your life and all about you and your wishes?
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