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Brett Favre...Please retire.

Add Brett Favre to the list of philandering celebrities...he allegedly sent really gross (and unimpressive) cell pictures to a Jets Employee named Jenn.

He also left her some pretty pathetic voicemails.  Deadspin has the story.

Why didn't Brett just shoot straight with her?  "Hey, Jenn, it's Brett Favre...I'm rich and physically fit and I'm used to getting what I, I want you, so lemme have you.  Okay.  Bye."




Download Brett Favre - Desperate Voicemails

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10/12/2010 10:48AM
Brett Favre...Please retire.
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10/12/2010 10:55AM
Celebrity Hearsay
Don't believe everything you hear! I think celebrities deserve a little more privacy!
10/12/2010 11:00AM
Celebs are celebs...
...and therefore exchange privacy for millions of dollars and doors opening left and right. You don't think Brett did anything wrong? -Jesse
10/12/2010 11:40AM
The timing is awfully suspicious with it all. If he did in fact do what is being said that he did then yes I do feel he did something very wrong. Why did this all come out the week that Minnesota went to NY not 2 years ago when it supposedly happened. And celebs lives are too public.... we do not need to know every single little detail of their lives.
10/15/2010 10:42AM
Brett is just plain gross, any way you look at it!
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