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Dirty Donald Duck

Photo courtesy of AP
A woman is suing Disney World, saying that she was groped by Donald Duck at Disney's Epcot theme park. 
In the Pennsylvania suit, 27-year-old April Magolon says Donald grabbed her breast while she held her child and then had the nerve to joke about it. She claims the run in with Donald has caused her post-traumatic stress, including nightmares, digestive problems and other permanent injuries.  (???)

Disney Attorneys hoped the suit would be dismissed or held in Florida, but the judge said Disney had more money to travel for the court dates than poor April.

This is the most ridiculous thing I have heard all day.  Here's the Full Story from CBS


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01/05/2011 11:24AM
Dirty Donald Duck
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01/05/2011 11:48AM
omg donald
sounds like a get rich quick scheme to me...give me a break...all those ailments from a quick hug..give me a break..
01/05/2011 11:53AM
they are in those outfits and seeing clearly not possible.... Just trying to make money for herself!!!
01/05/2011 1:21PM
Give Me A Break
I know someone who works at Disney and they said Donald was pointing at a pin that the woman was wearing. Most likely Donald was a woman since they are short enough for the costumes. I agree with the above comments. April is out for the money.
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