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Do Women Make Men Better?

My BF's friend asked me, with a sense of loss and fear,

"What are you DOING to him???" like I'm some harpie temptress who has brainwashed him into quitting smoking, being happier and more relaxed, and doing things he considers out of character.

Honestly, to be one sided for a moment, I'm making him better.

So, true or false:


Yes, it's true women make men better.  The RIGHT woman will make the RIGHT man better.  :)  And, the reverse is true, too, that men make women better.  Jason does for me...and I do for him. :)

And, Sparky poops in the dining room.

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03/01/2011 1:12PM
Do Women make Men Better?
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03/01/2011 1:48PM
Yes but....
I had it happen once. She made me better. Not the same way you are saying Jesse, hahaha.... more about the changes I made without even noticing myself, making decisions that demonstrated a mature character change. Other guys may not get that experience.... She's gone now, but she did make me a better man with her at my side and on my own. Maybe I'll be lucky to have that from her again someday.
03/01/2011 2:02PM
Do women make men better, or do we simply inspire?
False, I feel no one can make anyone else better or worse people. I do think women can INSPIRE a mans desire to better HIMSELF. A perfect quote... You make me want to be the man I want to be. The key is personal desire to change ones self by loving another that much:)
04/14/2011 7:55PM
Do woman make men better?
wow if you think you have that much control, you really do have an ego!!! Your "boyfriend" is doing what he wants to do. not what your telling him to do. men AND woman change because that is what they want to do. If you really think your BFhas so much changing to do, then why don't ya find someone who is already perfect? Or do you like being a control freak?? trust me I have been married 23 years. He will not be wwith you long if you try to change him to fit you.
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