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Cereal = Candy?

Parents have good reason to worry about the sugar content of children's breakfast cereals, according to an Environmental Working Group review of 84 popular brands. 

Click here to see the Top Ten worst cereals for sugar content...shocking!

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Does the IRS have a check for YOU??

Photo by basilicofresco

    The IRS is sitting on $153 million dollars that they can't refund because of errors with tax payer mailing addresses!! Click here to find out how to see if your name is on that list.
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A new bird!

I happened to see this bird in the back yard today...Julie, our family ornithologist, thinks it is a Sharp-shinned hawk


The Sharp-shinned hawk is a regular visitor to bird feeders where it eats birds, not seed.  They usually arrive with the first snow.  See more about the Sharp-shinned hawk here.    
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Social :'s a new bridge!

Lieutenant Governor Bob Duffy was on hand on Monday, November 7 to help dedicate the new Lake Champlain Bridge nearly two years after the old span was demolished because it was unsafe.  the $70 million dollar span links Crown Point, NY with Addison, VT. 

Here are photos of both bridges

AND...THE NEW! here to enjoy video of the demoliton of the old bridge back two years ago.

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Tattooed Barbie

Just in time for Christmas...take a look at the latest Barbie doll!

How 'bout those tattoos!  This limited edition doll costs $50 and it is upsetting some parents for, they say, sending the wrong message to kids.  And, what about Ken?  No ink for him?
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Personalized Magazine Ads

Has anyone received one of theses?

This ad was in my wife's most recent PEOPLE magazine to which she subscribes each week.  Notice at the top of the page who it is personalized...for her!  Has anyone else seen or received ont of these?  Curious!  
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Bills land on coverf of SI

The Buffalo Bills are on the cover of SPORTS ILLUSTRATED. 

The last time The Bills were on the cover was in 2003 when, ironically, the last beat New England.  Watch out for the jinx!  
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Look out below

A no-longer functional US satellite is expected to re-enter Earth's atmosphere in an uncontrolled fall in late September or early October.  Much of the 6.5 ton spacecraft is expected to burn up during re-entry, but, NASA says some pieces are expected to make it to the ground intact.  Here's the satellite

NASA admits it cannot yet pinpoint the exact area where the satellite will fall.  They plan to post updates weekly until about four days before the anticipated re-entry. The agency will then share daily updates until about 24 hours before re-entry, when it will begin even more frequent postings.
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Stage collapses at Sugarland concert

Five people were killed and at least 40 more injured when a stage collapsed at a Sugarland concert at the Indiana State Fair Saturday night.

Five people were killed and at least 40 more injured when a stage collapsed at a Sugarland concert at the Indiana State Fair Saturday night.   Thousands of concert-goers were being evacuated to a nearby building because of high winds when the rigging for the stage fell onto the track where some were seated.

Sugarland released this statement Saturday night on Twitter:  "We are all right. We are praying for our fans, and the people of Indianapolis. We hope you'll join us. They need your strength."
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2011 Finger Lakes Riesling Festival

If you're looking for some family fun this weekend...head to Canandaigua! for the Third Annual Finger Lakes Riesling Fesrival. 

Finger Lakes Riesling Festival is literally a  “mile of family fun!."  Local wineries, restaurants, farmers, artists and musicians will join together for an event that everyone in the family will enjoy!  Don’t miss out on samples of Riesling and New York State craft beer along with food from local vendors and restaurants!   This year's festival also features live music, arts and crafts, a kids tent, farmer's market, a car show and more!  Find out more here!
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