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Forced Flatulence is Flat Out Forbidden

An 11 year old kid in Parma, Ohio, got detention for farting on the school bus.  If he farts again, he gets suspended.

Does the punishment fit the crime?  Let me know in the comments below...


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11/03/2010 11:49AM
Forced Flatulence is Flat Out Forbidden
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11/03/2010 12:58PM
He got what he deserved
Kids are VERY rude these days, and it's obvious that his parents don't care about it and even egg him on. I'm glad the school district punished him, he needs to learn that it is NOT polite to do it purposely.
11/03/2010 1:49PM
Seriously rediculous!
Yes "flowering" as you are referring to it, is grouse in itself, however, next thing you know we will require students to go to the bathroom to blow their nose. Come on, it's a bodely function that could have been an accident.
11/03/2010 2:01PM
Judging on looks
How can you say that this kid "looks" guilty? I was under the impression that in the USA one is innocent until provenguilty. By the way, check out the school marquee, POPCORN, maybe that's why the boy had gas!
11/03/2010 5:18PM
What I was saying was...
...the way he carries himself, he smacks of a guilty kid. Ever seen a kid get questioned and you are positive of their guilt? This kid has that same look and body language. :) Just sayin'. Popcorn...heh heh. -Jesse
11/18/2010 10:13AM
He could be hurting kids on the bus..fighting,swearing,being a bully,molesting. maybe the bus driver needs a new job.Pick your battles.Of course the other kids were screaming and acting like its gross.That is what kids do.
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