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Here's the Golden-Throated Homeless Man

You won't believe this guy's voice!  He's a homeless man in Columbus, Ohio.  Watch and listen! 

Should we hire him at The BEE Morning Coffee Club?

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01/05/2011 6:36PM
Here's the Golden-Throated Homeless Man
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01/06/2011 9:42AM
This is just a moving and story the gives people hope...
Steve I want to thank you guys for putting this on this morning. I was having a down day ,I lost my job in august and decided to go back to school and week by week my husbands hours at the company he works for are getting cut because of economy. I was feeling overwhelmed ( a mom of 3) not sure how we were going to keep making it, was just depressing me today. And hearing that and now watching it has made me feel alot better and realizing reality that we are not that bad off and to just keep pushing threw and we will be fine.. Thanks I needed that push to stop feeling bad for myself.. I listen everyday on my way to college and I really appreciate all u guys do..Thanks for always being there.. Jenn
01/06/2011 7:03PM
Homeless man!
I think that would be great if you could get him a job on the radio. He is right the face doesnt match with his voice. I say if you can get one person from living off of the streets than the other homeless people might feel that there is hope for them aswell. I have to say that you guys have the rest radio station in the state of NY. Keep up the great job!
01/07/2011 12:11AM
The bee needs him!!
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