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If I didn't see this with my own eyes......

06/14/2010 3:39AM
If I didn't see this with my own eyes......
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06/14/2010 3:50AM
I heard your comment this morning about your City broadcast yesterday your remark about a possible help for people with GLUTEN problems caught my attention Jesse the dj that follows you is on a GLUTEN free diet so I gave her a heads up and with this I amalso letting you know of her interest in this subject
06/14/2010 12:13PM
A gluten free diet is not fun! Very bland, very dull! You'llh ave to get creative. Although some companies are now trying to put out gluten free versions of their products...it's a hit or miss, you'll have to try them for yourself.
06/18/2010 3:24PM
Dave Conde
Hey Terry,We're paving rt.34 below Auburn and we'll move to pave in Geneva next.We enjoy your show.We paved 490 (Bergin) last summer and have stuff to pave on 390 later this summer.Keep us laughing!!!!Signed:Tacky,the tack truck driver
06/22/2010 4:33AM
Way to go it was nice to hear you stand up to Jeremy and not give in to his Stupid game request
07/06/2010 3:08AM
Hey Terry, My hubby was just telling me about the $250 cookie recipe you spoke of this morning...go to snopes ...that story has been going around for years..not true :) Have a great day and thanks for making me laugh in the AM!
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