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Its all about the "Little" things...

Think about what you and your better half argue it money?  Sex?  Or, is it about the stubble he left in the sink? 

"You taka my wine, I slappa you face!"

The Frisky reports that "Bathroom Behaviors" top the triggers for couples to argue.  And, that we're most likely to fight on Thursday nights at 8p for about ten minutes.  Here's the list of what ticks us off the most:

  1. Stubble in the sink.
  2. Dirty marks in the toilet.
  3. Flicking TV channels.
  4. Not replacing the toilet roll.
  5. Leaving the seat up.
  6. Leaving lights on.
  7. Leaving dirty cups around the house.
  8. Leaving wet towels on the floor/bed.
  9. Hoarding stuff.
  10. Not flushing the toilet.
What tops your "Trigger List?"

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01/20/2011 12:23PM
Its all about the "Little" things...
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01/20/2011 2:19PM
What tops your "Trigger List?"
Eating all my Chocolate
01/20/2011 7:33PM
A Dr. Phil answer.
I heard you mention a couple who argued about whether the toilet paper should go over or under the the roll. My Dr. Phil solution is............install another toilet paper holder next to the original. You now have his and hers paper holders with the paper going over on one and under on the other. Jerry from Sea Breeze
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