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Jesse's beef with "College Scene"

I made Dean's List this semester at Herkimer County CC and submitted myself for the "College Scene" column in my  hometown newspaper, the Warren Times Observer.   I wrote up a cool paragraph and submitted my picture, but found out that Dean's List students only get a mention like this:

Herkimer County Community College
Jessica L. Jordan
Well, I'll tell you, it's NO EASY FEAT working full time (2 jobs, even!), taking care of a boyfriend, a house, and a doggie (and sometimes, a sister) while going to school full time!!  This is the first semester I've made it onto the Dean's List, and I'm damn proud.  Even though the Warren Times Observer in my hometown doesn't want to print a picture or give me a write up, I am undeterred.  I'll write my own!!

Jessica L. Jordan, 30, achieved the Dean's List at Herkimer County Community College for Spring 2011 Semester.  Dean's List honorees have achieved a GPA between 3.25 and 3.79.


Miss Jordan, the daughter of Thomas G. and Roberta A. Jordan of Warren, PA, resides in Irondequoit, NY, and is majoring in Marketing.  She expects to have her Associate's Degree by the end of 2011. 

During the 4 semesters she's studied at HCCC, Miss Jordan has moved twice, including a relocation from Utica to Rochester.  Miss Jordan works 2 jobs, one at Entercom, parent company to 92.5 WBEE in Rochester as a midday personality and her night job, as a CSR at retail establishment.  Jordan is the dog mom to a rat terrier named Sparky and assisted in the rescue of a senior Dachshund named Dougie, whom she raised $2000 for to aid in medical bills, and eventually found a permanent home for with her childhood friend, Joy McGilvery.

Jordan maintains a healthy and loving relationship with her boyfriend, Jason and shares a townhouse with her energetic and motivated sister, Lisa.  She has entertained family for Christmas, planned a trip to Disney World, got up to date with dentist appointments, and pursued financial aid, did her taxes, paid all her bills on time during this semester in addition to her studies.  She has been a sister, friend, girlfriend, mom, coworker, media representative, and student in a short period of time and is a testament to how FREAKIN' good women are at being multi taskers. 

Despite being incredibly busy and overextended, Miss Jordan achieved pretty damn good grades.  Her life is hectic, her time is scarce,  but she kicked some serious butt in college this past semester.  And, for that, she gets a picture and a write up for her Academic Achievement.  BOOYEAH.

Now it's YOUR turn.  Congratulate yourself for your accomplishments!  It feels so good!!

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06/07/2011 10:35AM
Jesse's beef with "College Scene"
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06/07/2011 10:47AM
Congrats for your achievements Jesse!!! You not only deserve this to be in the paper but you deserve a BIG PAT ON THE BACK :) hehe congrats again!
06/07/2011 10:58AM
Jesse's beef with "College Scene"
06/07/2011 10:59AM
No way!
I just heard you talking about HCCC! I just graduated there in Fashion! Great job getting on the deans! Im from around here but went all the way there. Small world. -Regina
06/07/2011 11:11AM
Hey Jesse, I understand totally where you are coming from!!! I too worked full time (only one job though), took care of my young son and my husband AND did all the housework and cooking and laundry. I was nominated for the Rochester Area Outstanding Adult Student award. I NEVER received ANYTHING lower than an A on all of my classes!!!! So congratulations~you should be VERY proud of yourself. One of my favorite sayings is that you have to advocate for yourself because nobody else is going to do it for you!!!! So toot your own horn deserve it!!!! Whoop Whoop!!!!! :)
06/07/2011 11:16AM
Where I work, we say: "big hands waving".I can tell you that being on the Dean's List is a MAJOR accomplishment. Good for you! Maybe we need to accent the positive more in the news and minimize some of the nonsense. Right Mr. Weiner?
06/07/2011 11:58AM
Wow, thanks everyone!!!
I'm honored you all are so supportive and forthcoming with congratulations. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! -Jesse
06/07/2011 4:52PM
Front Page
Way to go!! This should be on the front page of the paper. Don't know how you did it all but keep up the good work.
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