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Monday's Musings: 11.7.11

Frankie, are you Okay?

Scene:  I am in the WBEE studio, door is shut, Gloriana's "Wild at Heart" is CRANKED.  The hallways are quiet, and I am singing my heart out.  Coming quietly around the corner, my boss stops short when he sees his midday jock shreiking out heartfelt lyrics.  I become morbidly embarrassed.  One saving grace is that the incident wasn't recorded.

While Frankie may be embarrassed he was BUSTED dancing to Michael Jackson, he has WAY MORE talent than me.



I love Rochester.  I love living here, I love the food, the people, I love downtown and RocPotties and Rachel Barnhart.  This Christmas, I want to give the gift that keeps on giving, gifts made here in Rochester (or, simply made in America).  I'm taking your suggestions via email or Facebook!

My Dog is Cuter than Your Dog.

Mike Danger on our sister station The Buzz says dressing up your dog is just wrong.

If dressing up Sparky is wrong, I don't wanna be right.  :)
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