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Lady Parsons Antebellum Project?

Remember The Alan Parson's Project?  No?  They had that one hit, "Eye in the Sky?"

Alan's camp is alleging that Lady Antebellum's "Need You Now" is a "lazy rip off" of his song.

He reached out in a letter.  The Nashville Scene has the story HERE.

And, here's the "mash up" of the songs.  Does he have a basis for his complaint?

Hit the comments and lemme know! 

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11/17/2010 10:58AM
Lady Parsons Antebellum Project?
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11/17/2010 11:03AM
Lady Parsons Antebellum Project?
I think there needs to be an investigation. This is bigger than Watergate! LOL
11/17/2010 11:43AM
Oh, it does!
My comment though...what version of the LA song is that? It doesn't sound anything like the normal version? Who's voice is coming through so strong?
11/17/2010 11:48AM
Oh, realize they changed it...
I just read the note that said the video-posted edited it so they'd be more the same tempo, etc.
11/17/2010 11:50AM
Good ears!!!
In response to your question, it was the song but processed to slow it down and bring the pitch and key down. It still sounds great, but it sure does sound different! Good ear, though! -Jesse
11/18/2010 10:14AM
Lazy Rip Off My A**!!!
Just another case of a one hit wonder or washed up has been that has nothing better to do with their time than to try to cash in on someone else's success. I don't see any similarities at all.
11/18/2010 10:33AM
Too different to be called a "copy"
They are too different to be called a "copy". Love the mashup though!
11/18/2010 12:12PM
age issue
Can't you call the APP song an inspiration to the Lady A song? or maybe something they grew up hearing and didn't know about the similarity...
11/18/2010 10:27PM
Not a copy, but close.
It sounds kinda similar but at points it doesn't, and the lyrics are wayyy different. If the parson lyrics were something like "need you now," then yes. But it isn't and the parson song slows down and has breaks more. Lady A's is just catchy and sounds close,but not a copy. Lady A probably did get inspiration form that song though. Ive always loved the tune of a song but not the lyrics, they did different lyrics and its different.
11/19/2010 12:06AM
Are you all deaf?
Huey Lewis won damages from GHOSTBUSTERS sounding too much like I WANT A NEW DRUG. The Lady A vs APP songs sound MUCH more alike than those 2 did - the chorus is almost identical. And FYI, if you think APP was a "one hit wonder" you should listen to their Greatest Hits album sometime...
11/19/2010 5:32PM
give me a break
How many songs in pop and country that snipits or music is taken from.
11/29/2010 8:37AM
close, but not close enough
in music, writer's almost always take bits and pieces from other song writer's, and then put a variance or a little extra twist into it to call it their own. those two songs have some of the same chords and rhythms but not enough to be calledplagerism. i think lady a's version is done just a little better, and i like the way they blend their voices--just personal preference.
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