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OK, meet my "brother" B-Bird...

What do you think??

05/26/2010 5:10AM
OK, meet my "brother" B-Bird...
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05/30/2010 3:02AM
Paul Gerritz
Check out my facebook page when you get a minute
06/11/2010 4:54AM
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05/26/2010 5:41AM
Wow - he really does look like he should be related!
05/26/2010 5:16AM
That's my bro!!
05/26/2010 5:45AM
Paul Gerritz
No matter what taht portion of the horse that went over the fence from Texas says I would be proud to be related to you and on another note one of my gollege classmates (SJF, 1976) and I were constantly being kidded by classmates as being cousins he was over to the house one day and my mother started asking questions lo and behold his mother and my mother were related
05/26/2010 6:44AM
Go Grill & Greens dude! I've played poker with him! :) Still not as close as A-Bird though.
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