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Shamrock Shake-Watch 2011


McDonalds Locations Reporting Shamrock Shakes as of 2.16.11:

*Batavia (Questionable...conflicting reports...)
*The "McNoco" on BHTLR and Winton in Henrietta
*Baytown Plaza on Empire Blvd. (EAST SIDE!!!)

UPDATED 2.17.11
*Greece Ridge (Questionable...conflicting reports...)
*East Henrietta Road

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02/16/2011 1:16PM
Shamrock Shake-Watch 2011
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02/16/2011 1:30PM
Shamrock Shake
Thanks for the info!
02/16/2011 1:34PM
I know it's no where near the Rochester area, but Penn Yan says they'll have them tomorrow.
02/16/2011 2:56PM
Shamrock Shake
Can't wait to indulge. My mouth was watering listening to your show today. It's been a long year! LOL
02/17/2011 11:48AM
The mcdonalds on e.henrietta rd. in rochester has them! So happy now =} I can enjiy my fav treat at the greatest mcd EVER!
02/17/2011 12:33PM
I work at the Perinton McDonalds! These things, yes they are good!!!! But they are almost too popular, I walked into work yesterday, GREEN EVERYHWERE!!!! I don't even know how I am going to deal with it on St. Patties day!!!! I have heard some pretty interesting things about them...before I had my first one yesterday!!!!
02/17/2011 1:31PM
Im reporting that HILTON has the Shamrock shakes as of today!!
02/17/2011 2:10PM
No conflict in Batavia. I was there. Not serving until orange is gone!
02/17/2011 2:13PM
Anybody know about the Chili McDonalds?
02/19/2011 7:10AM
yes we have them
02/19/2011 12:12PM
Lake Ave
Lake Ave near Driving Pk has them. Chili does not as of yesterday
02/21/2011 3:52PM
My kids just walked through the door with shamrock shakes from Batavia, so it's official, Batavia has them!!!
02/22/2011 2:19PM
Albion has them and get them the best way with oreo's.... Oh my goodness!!!
03/10/2011 11:51AM
what about east ridge road
is est ridge rd macdonalds doin it?
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