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Summer Tour: Mt. Morris!!

We look like we sorta know what we're doing.


Great crowd at the Rainy Day Cafe in Mt. Morris!!

Sophie Lonesberry stopped by the broadcast.

Summer tour shirts. (I didn't make those!!)

Coffee and computers

The picture isn't blurry, i had too much coffee and actually look this way!!
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Newman Is Awesome

Newman Is Awesome
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Terry at internet school

     Hi. This is actually Billy typing. Terry still doesn't know how to write a blog, so I'm teaching her the ropes. That picture is the old school "Country Club Chronicle" that  we used to print and mail out quarterly. The one she's holding is dated 1999. Wow. Inside there are pictures of me with hair, Uncle Fred, Brad Paisley's first Guitars & Stars show, Coyote, KB Cooper and a write up on "up and comers" Yankee Grey. 

    I have to show Terry how to insert a video. This is one of her favorites. Alec Baldwin made this for Wegman's employees. A portion of this will also be part of a Wegman's Christmas commercial as well. (Her son works in the bakery. He's not in the video. CLEARLY an oversight on Danny's part.)

    The only other thing I have to teach Terry is how to insert a link. Click here to check out one of her favorite places on earth.
Class dismissed. Check back in January to see if shes figured out how to work this thing. 

P.S. 2002 called, they want their technology back.

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Steve brought me BEADS!!!!

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I'm lovin' these shades!!!

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Well......wait 'till next year!!!

OK, so I didn't make the Top 100 list, it was lots of fun to think about and there is always next year!!  Oh, I'm not giving up, I have a whole year to plan my campaign!  Thanks  so much for taking the time to vote and for listening to The BEE!!
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Hey would you tote one of these on your car?

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If I didn't see this with my own eyes......

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Look at what was in my garage!!!

He wandered in and made a home for himself in a carton laying on the floor!!  We brought him back to water!!!
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OK, meet my "brother" B-Bird...

What do you think??
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