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Super Bowl commercial banned by Fox

Well, we now know the teams that'll meet in Super Bowl XLV.  Already, though, we have some controversy about a Super Bowl commercial.  

Fox has rejected a controversial Super Bowl ad from conservative comedy site, according to the site's creator.  Richard Belfry insists the proposed 30-second-ad is just a joke.  What do you think?


The ad was scheduled to air right before kickoff and it's creator says he raised the estimated $2.5 million dollars to pay for it from money he raised from private investors.  Belfry says said he's sold more than 70,000 Jesus Hates Obama T-shirts out of the back of his car and through word of mouth since the company launched in 2009.He said he was shocked by Fox's decision

Super Bowl XLV will be played in Dallas on Frbruary 6th.  


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01/23/2011 10:43AM
Super Bowl commercial banned by Fox
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01/24/2011 5:53PM
Oh Please!
How stupid! Personally I am not an Obama fan but this is just a stupid commercial. Obviously the producer doesn't know anything about Jesus because if he did he'd know that Jesus doesn't hate anyone - sort of discredits the whole point of the dumb ad. Couldn't this guy have spent the millions he raised on something worthwhile ... ummm ... let's say ... say, starving people somewhere?????
01/27/2011 6:52AM
Thats great
I say air it. As far as "the starving people somewhere" get a job.
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