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I graduated in 2009 with degrees in Biology and Broadcast Communications, got a job at Entercom, and haven't looked back since. I love moustaches, roller derby, robots, books, cats, eclectic furniture and laughing. Lots of laughing.

T.I.L.T.-I'm free! I'm Free!

Things I Love Thursday is back this week with a vengence.
Yesterday, I was cleared by my doctor to be out of the boot (!) and to get back on roller skates (!!!!).
You know, a normal every day thing.

But if you're just tuning in...

April 11th was the day I broke my first ever bone.
2 of them to be exact. I did some work.
(See below)

I went from this...

To having hardware installed.
(I'm bionic now!)

Then two weeks post-op they stuck me in a boot, and I've been wearing that ever since.
Worst. Accessory. Ever.
It clashed with everything.

And it's now official! June 22nd, I'm officially boot-free. I get to wear two shoes again.

This is exciting news.
(And can I get a hot tub...)

Have a fantastic weekend and send me your Things I Love Thursday tales!

06/23/2011 4:19PM
T.I.L.T.-I'm free! I'm Free!
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06/23/2011 7:45PM
yayyy!! hahaa love the stockings, btw! Glad you're back on your feet again (har har)
06/28/2011 4:44PM
YAY! Glad you're finally mended!
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