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T.I.L.T: Halloweenie

Happy Thursday friends!

With Halloween a mere few weeks away, it's about that time again to start thinking to Halloween costumes!

I'm horrible at even trying to think ahead on this so I'm going to be proactive this year.
I waited til the final hour last year but was able to successfully pull off being a Deviled Egg. See picture for reference. I had a tail and pitchfork and everything.

From the Facebook crowd I heard a few super cool ideas:
Andy: "Scott Pilgrim last year; im thinking Calvin and Hobbes this year."

Hector: "I'm going as myself. Does this count? LOL"

Sherri: "Ms. Swan of MadTV."

Anne: My own superhero, Super Anne. It's like Superman, but involves some pink and purple."

Ashley: "My 3 month old is going to be an angry bird. If we can find costumes for the other 2 kids we will all go as a flock of angry birds."

Katie: "Prince Poppycock."

Robert: "My son wants to go as a poke on trainer."

Jess: "Francesca bullied me into being Batman because she wants to be Poison Ivy."

Danielle: "Bender and Clair from the Breakfast Club."

So what are YOU going as for Halloween??? 

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10/06/2011 8:06PM
T.I.L.T: Halloweenie
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10/06/2011 9:14PM
One of the residents at the nursing home where I work, I am making his costume, he's gonna be a toilet.
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