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BMCC Summer Tour in Newark

BMCC Starts the broadcast from the Canal View Family Restaurant on West Union Street in Newark.

Sombody is celebrating a birthday!!

Thanks to Karen for the "Terry waterwalking in her pool" cake! Check out Karens website here.

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Phil Vassar Interview 5-18-11

We got the chance to chat up Phil Vassar!!  Check out his new single "lets get together" then hit the link and listen to our interview!! - TBird.
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Yes, Sex Can Kill You

Just when you thought you've run out of things to worry about, along comes a new U.S. study that shows that exercise and sex can kill you.
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Yoko Ono's Performance Art ( We Need the Bird to re-create this)

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We did it!

During our weekend getaway to mark our 25th wedding anniversary in The Berkshires in Western Massachusetts, Julie arranged for us to renew our wedding vows! 


Thanks, Julie, for 25 GREAT years!  I love you! 


NASA Wake-up call

You can pick the music the astronauts will wake up to on the next shuttle flight.

NASA is asking people to choose from a list of more than 40 songs played on other missions.  The songs include "Start Me Up" by the Stones, Metallica's "Enter Sandman," U-2's "Beautiful Day", the Beatles' "Good Day Sunshine" as well as songs from Willie Nelson and Alan Jackson,  The two songs with the most votes will announced during the mission that's scheduled to launch on November first.  You can vote here on NASA's website
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Wanna see where The President is golfing?

While vacationing on Martha's Vineyard, this week, President Obama has already golfed at The Vineyard Golf Club in Edgartown. The Vineyard Golf Club was built on the site of a failed 148-house subdivision in 2002.  Now, the membership rolls are nearly full. Over the past several years The Vineyard Golf Club has maintained a low profile and managed to blend into the Island's lifestyle and landscape, attracting little of the attention once focused on golf.  Word is, it costs $300,000 to become a member! By the way, the MOST EXPENSIVE country club in the US...according to Forbes SEBONACK GOLF CLUB in Southhampton, Long Island.  This ultra-exclusive  costs a reported ONE MILLION DOLLARS to join!
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"SMITH" Bingo for Toby Tickets

With T'Bird on vacation, it's Smith and Wesson in the Morning on WBEE and Monday we play SMITH Bingo for the final pair of shell tickets to see Toby Keith Friday night at Darien Lake.  Here's your SMITH Bingo Card

We begin playing "SMITH" Bingo for Toby Keith tickets at 6:00 Monday morning on The BEE Morning Coffee Club!
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T-Bird Bingo Card: Summer Edition

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Steve brought me BEADS!!!!

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