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Luke Bryan shirtless at Darien Lake

"...and the award for luckiest women at Darien Lake Amusement Park goes to Cathy Bement, who got a picture with a shirtless Luke Bryan while he was jogging thru the campground." You're welcome ladies. Lots of people have pointed out the green finger nail polish. Turns out he met with a terminally ill girl on the Wednesday prior to the show at Darien Lake and she painted his nail with her signature color. He left it on as a tribute to her. How do you not LOVE this guy?!
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Darien Lake New Parking Rules
Darien Lake Concert Parking Rules
Effective August 17, 2012
  • All concert-goers must enter by vehicle through the Darien Lake entrance and park in the free on-site lots. All vehicles will pass through a security checkpoint.
  • No pedestrian access will be allowed.
  • To avoid congestion, no shuttles are allowed.
  • All vehicles are allowed one entrance and one exit from the property per event.
  • Taxis are permitted on property only after 10:00pm on concert nights.
o    For those wishing to drop-off/pick-up concert-goers, they must also enter by vehicle through the Darien Lake entrance and proceed to the theme park ticket plaza for drop-off/pick-up. Concert-goers will then follow the pedestrian walkway to the Performing Arts Center.  
  • Guests with a combo (concert and amusement park) ticket will be able to enter through the park turnstiles and access the Performing Arts Center through the gate at the rear of the park (near Grizzly Run).

WOW this new artist looks like Kellie Pickler!!
Maybe it's just us, but we had to do a double take when we first saw the video for "I ain't your mama" by newcomer Maggie Rose. 

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Music Meeting: Beer with Jesus

Today's music meeting song of the day is "Beer with Jesus." Check it out and let us know what you think about it!!!


Pontoon video
Looks like Little Big Town got half of Nashville to be part of this special "Pontoon" video!! Count the cameos!! 

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Hausmann News 8/20: Lettuce recall
Click here for details on the lettuce recall Steve Hausmann mentioned in his 8/20 newscast

Team Terry vs. Team Steve at Frontier Field


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