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Wegmans recall

Some salad mixes sold at Wegmans have been recalled because of Listeria concerns. 
Here are the specific products: 

Wegmans Organic Baby Arugula, 5oz - UPC: 77890-34977

Wegmans Organic Asian Salad, 5oz - UPC: 77890-12212

Wegmans Organic Baby Spinach, 11oz - UPC: 77890-74084

Wegmans Organic Baby Romaine, 5oz - UPC: 77890-34968

Wegmans Organic Baby Spinach, 5oz - UPC: 77890-34959

Wegmans Organic Spring Mix with Herbs, 5oz - UPC: 77890-94442

Wegmans Organic Spinach & Field Mix, 11oz - UPC: 77890-16411

Wegmans Organic Spinach & Field Mix, 5oz - UPC: 77890-16437

Wegmans Organic Spring Mix, 16oz - UPC: 77890-73787

Wegmans Organic Spring Mix, 5oz - UPC: 77890-34965

Wegmans Organic Sweet Baby Lettuce, 5oz - UPC: 77890-12214

Wegmans Organic Spinach, Arugula & Radicchio Blend, 5oz - UPC: 77890-16438

Wegmans Food You Feel Good About Fresh Baby Spinach, 5oz - UPC: 77890-12456

Wegmans Food You Feel Good About Fresh Spring Mix, 5oz - UPC: 77890-013275

Wegmans Food You Feel Good About Fresh Baby Romaine, 5oz - UPC: 77890-13275

Wegmans Food You Feel Good About Fresh Baby Arugula, 5oz - UPC: 77890-17961

Wegmans Food You Feel Good About Fresh Spinach, 10oz - UPC: 77890-92641

The products were sold in Wegmans between January 5th and January 15th, 2011. The products had a Use-By date of 1/15/11 - No other Use-By dates were included in this recall.  For more information, please call Wegmans Consumer Affairs at 1-800-WEGMANS


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01/28/2011 7:26AM
Wegmans recall
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01/29/2011 1:15PM
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Was this posted on an earlier date by wegmans. This is the first I've heard of this. Seems a little after the fact. We buy organic spinach/field greens mix and go through an 11oz container per week.
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