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I graduated in 2009 with degrees in Biology and Broadcast Communications, got a job at Entercom, and haven't looked back since. I love moustaches, roller derby, robots, books, cats, eclectic furniture and laughing. Lots of laughing.

T.I.L.T.: That time of the year!

 Happy First Day of December! 

Tis the season to celebrate one of the most magical times of the year. 
After a hectic month in November, I'm going to relish the last month of 2011. 

So here's what I plan on surrounding myself with to get into the spirit of the season...

I'm a sucker for lights. I want a tree with JUST lights on it.  

Well, and some garland. I don't think I'll put ornaments on my tree (I have a crazy cat...she'll break them all), so just some garland. That I'll make. 

Cause I'm crafty. Sort of. Not really. 

Someday I want to have a stairway like this. Swoon

Mason jar winter scenes? I think I'll be making these for gifts this year. 

Have I mentioned I LOVE Christmas lights? 

Until next week folks. Keep the joy alive. :) 

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Things I Love Thursday, mates.

 Thursday has arrived once again! 

Special edition this time around. So let's waste no more time! 

Happy Birthday Marine Corps! 

I only spent about 18 years growing up a military brat, but the United States Marine Corps is
celebrating it's 236th birthday! 

I would not be the person I am today if it wasn't the upbringing I was able to have within the Marine Corps. 
Would I be able to do this if I hadn't been? 

Happy Birthday 236th Birthday USMC! 

Guitars and Stars: Less than a week away!

For reals. Have you gotten your tickets yet?
I'm so pumped. Full of enthusiasm. 

Here's me at the April Guitars and Stars.

This time I'll be sans the vicodin and crutches. (!) 

Finally...CMA Recaps or in other words, in defense of Taylor Swift:  

Everybody else has been all about this. 
And I just wanted to throw my two cents in. 

Miss Swifty has been getting alot of flack in the country community for winning Entertainer of the Year. (The last time she won was in 2009). I've got to tell you...this is very well deserved. Yes, everybody who was nominated was an exceptional performer, but none of all the concerts I've seen live, I never left any of them a bigger fan than I did with Taylor Swift's concert. 

Obviously the 12 year old girls screaming at the top of their lungs when they saw her left huge fans...but come on. I'm a 24 year old female. I work in country. I've heard it all. And STILL, I walked away a huge Taylor Swift fan. That says something. 

So to all the critics...jeaous is not a good look. Let it go. 

Back to the music....leaving you with two amazing performances from last night. (I get tingles every time.) 

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T.I.L.T: Best. Month. Ever.

Happy Things I Love Thursday kids!

You've heard me say countless times before.
November is going to be the best month ever.

(Let's not forget No Shave November and Movember. Facial hair growth helps make this month amazing.) 

Here's a breakdown of how awesome the month is going to be...for me personally and many things that you can enjoy:

Nov. 1: Miranda Lambert's Four the Record album released.
Nov. 5: Roc City Roller Derby bout in Canadia! 
Nov. 8: Joe Nichols It's All Good album released
Nov. 9: The CMA Awards air! 
Nov. 11: Veterans Day. A quick thank you is all it takes.
Nov. 15: David Nail The Sound of  a Million Dreams album released
Nov. 19: Final Roc City Roller Derby home bout...Scar Wars. (I'm so pumped about this one) 
Nov. 20: Concert day for Justine! And sleep. Lots of sleep.  
Nov. 23: I turn at quarter of a century old. Delightful. 
Nov. 24: Day of turkey and football
Nov. 25: Black Friday and day of bed rest from all the food
Nov. 26: My bro's day of birth
Nov. 30: A day we shall celebrate the final result of No Shave November. 

I'm also going to be that person who takes the whole month to celeberate my birthday. Be prepared. 

Are you ready for what could possibly be the best month ever!?

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T.I.L.T.: I don't vacation well

As weird as it sounds, my Things I Love Thursday today is me professiong my unending love for my job. 

It's true, I've never been able to vacation well.
I don't know how to not work/help out/clean/etc. 

(Believe it or not, this is me working at the wedding...part time photographer.)

But this time around, I really just missed my job. 
I missed my co-workers, my radio gig, all the listeners of our station...everthing. 
It doesn't take much to realize how amazing WBEE is and how you, the listeners, help make it that way. 

So this Things I Love Thursday is really dedicated to you

Thank you for being so awesome. 

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I'm Back!

 Family Trip Rule 101: If you're traveling 12 hours in a car, make sure there's plenty of things to read...or have plenty of nyquil.

(Just kidding...but seriously, 12 hours is a long time.)

Hello folks! 
I'm back and boy have I missed you all. It's clear that I'm terrible at taking vacations by how much I missed work. 
Go figure. 
Well, Maine was quite the adventure so rather than give you all the painstaking details of how crazy it is to be sleeping 5 people inside a tiny cottage...I'll just let the pictures do the talking. 

Beer tastings at 11am. Perfect start to my day. 

5 People inside this cabin. 

(Pic courtesy of my little bro.)

Congrats to Emma and Zach!
Such a beautiful couple. :)

It's good to be home. :) 

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T.I.L.T: Halloweenie

Happy Thursday friends!

With Halloween a mere few weeks away, it's about that time again to start thinking to Halloween costumes!

I'm horrible at even trying to think ahead on this so I'm going to be proactive this year.
I waited til the final hour last year but was able to successfully pull off being a Deviled Egg. See picture for reference. I had a tail and pitchfork and everything.

From the Facebook crowd I heard a few super cool ideas:
Andy: "Scott Pilgrim last year; im thinking Calvin and Hobbes this year."

Hector: "I'm going as myself. Does this count? LOL"

Sherri: "Ms. Swan of MadTV."

Anne: My own superhero, Super Anne. It's like Superman, but involves some pink and purple."

Ashley: "My 3 month old is going to be an angry bird. If we can find costumes for the other 2 kids we will all go as a flock of angry birds."

Katie: "Prince Poppycock."

Robert: "My son wants to go as a poke on trainer."

Jess: "Francesca bullied me into being Batman because she wants to be Poison Ivy."

Danielle: "Bender and Clair from the Breakfast Club."

So what are YOU going as for Halloween??? 
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T.I.L.T.: Haunted...Haunted-ness

 I LOVE scaring myself. 
I'll watch scary movies at inappropriate times, even in the daylight, and I'll be freaked out for the rest of the time I'm awake. 
(I can't handle doll movies however...no dolls, puppets, anything like that.) 

So in honor of October arriving this weekend, I want to take the time to get pumped for the upcoming year of Haunted Hayrides of Greater Rochester. 

Easily one of the scariest attractions I've ever visited, and one of the most entertaining. 
Maybe they'll let me guest star in it one day. 

Hopefully I'll see some of you out there :) 
More info on the Haunted Hayrides here

Who's pumped for the Halloween attractions? 

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T.I.L.T.: Wedding Plans means Shopping!

Don't worry Mom! 
It's not MY wedding. 

Whew. Now that, that's out of the way...(lesson learned...be more editorial when choosing Things I Love Thursday titles.)

Anyway...As we approach fall (ahem...tomorrow), I'm heading out to two weddings in the next few weeks. 
This is two more than normal. 

So that means...SHOPPING! 

Yep, I need some new dresses to wear to these weddings. 

Typically I HATE shopping. Loathe. Dread. Abhor. 
You get the idea. 

But these next two weddings, I'm really excited for...mostly because I have new shoes to wear to them. 
Hah. Priorities. 

This weekend, these two crazy kids I know, Adriana and Sam, are getting married. They're an awesome couple, and my good friend Brandon is in the wedding party, so I'll be rocking out these new kicks in a stellar new dress. 

I think I'm actually jealous of how awesome my shoes are. 

Then in October, I'm heading out to Maine to be IN a wedding for my best friend Zach. 
I've known him since middle school and he's invited me to split best man responsiblities with his brother. 
I love non-traditional weddings. 

I've got these killer new boots to wear with a this new sweater dress. It is Maine. In October. It's going to be chilly. Don't judge. 

And I got them on sale. I amaze myself sometimes. (Kidding.)

Okay, enough about shoes.  

Congrats to Sam and Adriana on their wedding this weekend! 
I'll post pics on Monday, but you might want to be a facebook fan of mine to see them. "Like" me here. 

Have a fantastic Thursday folks! 
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Fiber Arts and Goodwill Hunting

 What a weekend! 

Couldn't have asked to spend a better weekend going on random adventures. 

First to the Hemlock Flea Market for these beauties...

Then, to the Fiber Arts Festival. 
Why? I say why not. It's pretty awesome actually. All the fiber and fried foods. 
And Slush Puppies. I love Slush Puppies. 

Why yes, they're jumping a car with a tractor. No big deal. 

I'm now decidedly going to own an Alpaca somewhere in the future. (They look fuzzy like a teddy bear). 

I also went hunting for some house supplies at Goodwill and was delightfully pleased with what I was able to get. 

I'm now the proud owner of a pheasant pitcher. It's okay to be jealous. 

(These are awesome by the way.) 

Overall, a successful weekend. 

How was yours? 
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T.I.L.T: Music is the spice of life

I remember when I was a kid how much I loved Tuesdays. 
They always meant new music, new movies, just something new to obsess over (not really, but you know what I mean). 

And while the internet has taken away the anticipation of waiting to hear an artists' new music, nothing beats getting your hands on new music. 

And of course one of the most anticipated albums to be released this past Tuesday, also happens to be one that I'm currently obsessed with.

You guessed it, Lady Antebellum. 

I mean really...this trio can do no wrong.
I'm kicking myself now, because I had the chance to see them when they performed at Brockport College for the Polar Plunge winners a few years back. 

It was a rebellious period in my life, and I was not going to do what everyone else was doing. 
Clearly, that was a bad decision this time. 

Oh well...moving on. 

The album is amazing, but the stand out to song to me was so beautifully unexpected.

But, rather than continue to feed you my opinions, I'll let you decide if you like the album yourself. 

What new music or movies have you been looking forward to coming out? 

P.S.: Don't forget that you can still submit your video for the "Sing Like Lady Antebellum" contest and you could follow the band on tour for a few days! 
Enter your video or go vote on the submitted videos 

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