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I graduated in 2009 with degrees in Biology and Broadcast Communications, got a job at Entercom, and haven't looked back since. I love moustaches, roller derby, robots, books, cats, eclectic furniture and laughing. Lots of laughing.

What's in a weekend.

What's a weekend involve you may ask?
We'll start with breaking in my early birthday present (thanks mom!).
I've always a Kitchenaid stand up mixer. And now, I'm gonna make a billion cookies.

instead, I made cinnamon rolls! 
Because if you haven't heard me say it already...I love food.

Don't worry, nothing went to waste.

I also discovered that I am fully capable of working on a sink and replacing a hose and faucet head...after I accidentally broke it.

I feel so accomplished.

I made my first ever trip to the Greek Festival.
Definitely an experience.

How was YOUR weekend?

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06/06/2011 4:19PM
What's in a weekend.
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06/06/2011 4:30PM
Ooo, yum!
I LOVE my Kitchen Aide stand mixer! I use it ALL the time! Your cinnamon rolls looks fantastic! Care to share the recipe? ;) Luen
06/06/2011 4:45PM
What a coincidence! I spent some time over the weekend with friends making Carbomb Cupcakes :)
06/06/2011 7:32PM
Yay for baking! Luen-Here's the recipe for the cinnamon rolls I made. I've done them both by hand and with a mixer, and this is easily the BEST recipe. Ever. http://whatscookingamerica.net/Bread/CinnamonRollsFantastic.htm
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