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Let's Garage Sale!!!

Garage Sales this weekend!! Avon: Canandaigua: Brighton: There is a multi family garage sale on Sunset Dr in Brighton this Saturday from 9-3. Girls clothes from 0-24 months/2T all seasons Baby accessories (high chair, exersaucer, strollers, monitors and much more) Outside play sets, slides,...
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Breaking News - Shooting at Virginia Baseball Field

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High School Graduation

I've been there, emotions swirling around my head like a hurricane....Hurricane Mark and Hurricane Marley. It's a tough time, joyful and went so fast! When I read this column in the Boston Globe I was stunned. She reached into my head and my heart and took the words right out, (spelled...
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Vinny Hickerson is a performer in the country duo Trailer Choir. He's also a song writer, actor, motivational speaker and one of my personal inspirations. At his biggest, Vinny tipped the scales at over 450 pounds. After appearing on NBC's "The Biggest Loser" he dropped about 200 pounds and now...


Garage Sales!!!!

Garage Sales this weekend!! Avon - 14 Pineview Heights - Friday, 8-3 and Saturday, 8-12. Part of Avon Attic Days and Trailways to Treasures (Avon, Caledonia, Lima). Numerous household items, books, DVDs, laptops, plus-sized clothing, scarves, build-a-bears and more! Also selling water and candy ($1...
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Forget fidget spinners. Meet "the Jammer"

Video of THE JAMMER™ - World's Greatest Fidget Toy
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Taking It Outdoors

This week we discuss Spring Bass Fishing with Fishing Instructor and Tournament Angler Mark Hertline.
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