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WBEE Country Music News 2-10-17

In today's report, find out who will be at the Grammy's on Sunday, news about a Don Williams tribute CD and we'll highlight some new videos on WBEE.COM. Video of WBEE Country Music News 2-10-17
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Why would you wait until Valentine's day to tell somebody how much you love them?! Billy & Terry have VERY different views on this. 

The cutest police chase ever

Video of Police Chase Miniature Horses
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Terry said she will haunt her friends after she dies. Billy would be more of a "creeper" haunter for reasons we can't really discuss here. 


Chris Young will hit the road with Jason Aldean this summer and he's had a hard time keeping that secret!!  He talks that, football and his first trip to Rochester with Terry Clifford......


Terry can't believe that we even have to have the conversation about protecting kids in the White House from attacks on social media. 

Dad & 4 year old daughter sing "You've got a friend in me"

Take a break from the crazy world and check out this dad singing with his 4 year old daughter. Video of You've Got a Friend In Me - LIVE Performance by 4-year-old Claire Ryann and Dad
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Billy has dropped over 50 pounds in the past year. Apparently the low carb plan has seeped a little too deep into his subconscience because he's DREAMING of mashed potatoes. 


I know people who cry when celebrities have passed away. I know people who make fun of the situation. Is there a healthy and right way to mourn the passing of a celebrity? -Billy 


I've done nothing wrong, but I always feel like I'm going to get in some kind of trouble crossing the border into/out of Canada.