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Insensitive or Sincere?

Some are calling this tweet from the Washington Redskins one of the more insensitive tweets of the year – maybe ever. The team is still embroiled in controversy over its name. Native Americans find it offensive, and


Bye Bye Clydesdales?

Schlitz may have been the beer that made Milwaukee famous – for better or worse – but Budweiser is the beer that made Clydesdales famous. When you think of the giant draught horses, don't you instantly think


No Thanksgiving for You!

Did you know that some people don't celebrate Thanksgiving? Yes, it's true. Take Seth Rogen, for instance. Until recently, the ubiquitous movie star believed he wasn't allowed to celebrate Thanksgiving – because of his heritage. Here. Let


Um, Bette, Say What?

Criticism of Ariana Grande came out of left field last week, when Bette Midler had some nasty things to say about one of the world's hottest pop singers. Bette said that Ariana's act was too sexual, and