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Word Blurt Fail?

One of the games they play on The Tonight Show is Word Blurt. A word association game where you get one word and each contestant blurts out the first word that pops into his or her head.


Poking a Little Fun

Howie Mandel had a little fun with a sleeping Nick Cannon the other day. While they were jetting somewhere, Howie took advantage of Nick's nap and posted a collage of Mariah Carey pictures above Nick's head. You'll


What a Way to Go

Dorothy McElhaney planned ahead. When she passed away this week at the age of 114 (according to the obituary), the Colonial Height, Virginia woman had her obituary all ready to be published. And what a wonderful essay


Sketchy Tom Brady

Number 12 for the New England Patriots was in federal court in New York on August 12. Tom Brady was there with his close personal pal, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, for a status/settlement hearing in front of


Is She or Isn't She?

Nicki Minaj fans at her concert in Burgettstown, Pennsylvania last week got a little something extra. Nicki brought her boyfriend, Meek Mill, out on stage with her. No, that's not the “something extra.” She introduced him as