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I Can See You, Mommy!

Piper is 10 months old, and recently got fitted for a pair of glasses. A comprehensive eye exam revealed a deficiency, and glasses were the answer. Check out this truly adorable picture of Piper's reaction to her


Would You Do This?

You're on the beach, enjoying a beautiful day on Cape Cod in Massachusetts. Suddenly, a 7-foot great white shark ends up on the beach with you, after an unsuccessful attempt to lunch on some seagulls. Would you


50 Cent Devalued

Rapper 50 Cent – aka Curtis James Jackson III – has declared personal bankruptcy. That's right. 50 Cent could now be worth about 50 cents. It all comes in the wake of a couple of hefty judgments


Rob Lowe Goes All Maria

Rob Lowe's social life seems a little less exciting than you might have imagined. I mean, he's a movie star, TV star, commercial spokesperson. Yet, here he is, lip-synching lyrics from The Sound of Music. Whlle not


It's All About Trump

Over the weekend, a major drug lord named El Chapo escaped from a maximum security prison in Mexico. For the second time. Naturally, Donald Trump – lest you forget, a Republican candidate for the presidency of the