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Thar They Blow!

So, have you ever thought how you'd react if an entire pod of whales were to surface at the stern of your rather small watercraft in the open ocean? I wouldn't be afraid of the whales, per


United We Stand Still

United Airlines had a computer glitch – don't you hate that term? – yesterday, causing all their flights around the nation to be grounded. Something to do with their reservation system going off-line. They called it a


#TBT – Shark Week 2014

Shark Week's coming, and so is Sharknado 3. So why not enjoy a little throwback to a promotional video for last year's Shark Week extravaganza on The Discovery Channel. What's funniest to me are the comments alongside


When Will It Melt?

Even if you live in Hawaii, you'll remember the news stories about the horrendous snow storms that gridlocked Boston this past winter. Getting rid of the 100″+ of the white stuff was a major problem, especially since


So Bad, It's Good

That's what the message in my in-box said – “This is SO BAD that it's good.” David Ortiz from the Boston Red Sox and Rob Gronkowski from the New England Patriots teamed up – again! – to