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Biebs & Selena On Again?

The rumor mills are going full tilt these days, with reports that Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are once again a couple. US Weekly says they're spending some time together in Saint Martin. Want proof? Well, here's


Doo Wop or Do Not?

I think I'm getting tired of Jimmy Fallon presuming to sing with icons from the music industry. It started a couple of weeks ago when Jimmy sang on The Tonight Show with Barbra Streisand in her first


Clinton Grandchild Arrives

Chelsea Clinton gave birth to Charlotte Clinton Mezvinsky last week, the first grandchild for former president Bill Clinton and possible future president, Hillary Clinton. The Clintons are simply delighted to be grandparents. In fact, Bill tweeted a


Scary? Just a Lot!

A contract employee for the FAA started a fire at the Air Route Traffic Control Center outside Chicago on Friday that grounded or rerouted thousands of flights on Friday. The disruption lasted into the weekend. Authorities were


SNL Fails the Funny

It’s a new season at Saturday Night Live, and the trending commentary is not good for last Saturday’s season premiere. In it, the writers and actors “spoofed” the ongoing problems the National Football League has been having


Kim Attacked in Paris!

Hang onto your hats! Kim Kardashian was attacked this week while making an appearance at a Paris Fashion Week event. As she got out of her car, someone grabbed at Kim's legs, shocking and surprising her. Security