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Human Dolls Meet Up

How did I ever miss this? Justin Jedica – aka, the Human Ken Doll – and Lacy Wildd – aka, Extreme Human Barbie – met one another last week. At a coffee shop. In Fort Lauderdale. Neither


Dancing with the Who?

ABC's Dancing with the Stars announced its Season 19 dancers yesterday. Season 19? Doesn't seem possible. But, an interesting list of celebrities this season, including: Lea Thompson, the actress who played Marty McFly's mom in Back to


Tease that Booty?

I must have missed something – yesterday, Jennifer Lopez released a 33-second teaser for her new single and music video, “Booty.” A teaser. You know, so you'll be salivating to see the entire video and hear the


Brosnan's Back

Pierce Brosnan's back on the big screen this weekend as The November Man. He's an ex-CIA assassin at odds with the agency, which sends his protege to kill him. It's not quite a Bond flick, but Pierce


Rest Well, Joan Rivers

Comedian Joan Rivers passed quietly yesterday afternoon, surrounded by family and friends. Sad news, of course. But what a legacy she leaves behind, what amazing tributes from people whose lives she touched. That's what remains of Joan,