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Bazooka Swats Fly!

This could be the most bizarre story of the week – well, so far, anyway. A 75-year-old property owner in Marathon County, Wisconsin is at odds with the local government about the use of his land. The


Leave My Lips Alone!

Kylie Jenner – the youngest and hopefully the last of the Kardashian-Jenner clan – has declared that she wants the world to stop talking about her lips. A couple of weeks ago, there was all sorts of


Space Race Gets Scary Again

We've gotten pretty complacent about launching rockets into space. Yesterday's launch of the Antares rocket from Wallops Island, Virginia changed that. The rocket, carrying supplies to replenish the International Space Station, exploded about six seconds after launch,


Why DO You Drive a Lincoln?

Matthew McConaughey's taped a series of “contemplative” commercials for the folks who make Lincoln automobiles. He's driving along, in deep thought, explaining all the reasons he drives a Lincoln MKC. This weekend, on Saturday Night Live, Jim