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Hugh Does Katy

If I were to ask you what you think Hugh Jackman will do next, what would it be? Another Wolverine movie? A dream sequence in Les Miserables 2? Wrong. And wrong. What Hugh just did was post


Scratch # 7

So here's something I'm surprised we don't hear more often. A locker room brawl during a New York Jets practice on Tuesday sent one player to the hospital and another to the unemployment line Quarterback Geno Smith


That's Some Puddle

Sinkholes happen a lot in Florida. Sometimes out west. But rarely, if ever, do you hear of one in New England. Central Falls, Rhode Island – the smallest city in the smallest state – had a sinkhole


Game of Balls?

The author behind Game of Thrones, George R.R. Martin, showed up at a minor league baseball game on Staten Island over the weekend. The Yankee farm team, renamed the Staten Island Direwolves for the evening, hosted “Meet


Shake(speare) & Bake

If you've ever read or heard or watched any Shakespearean plays, odds are good you've had to shake your head once or thrice, wondering exactly what's going on. Now, there's a possible explanation for the confusion you've