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Driving Miss Ellen

Ellen DeGeneres had a lot of questions about Matthew McConaughey's new ad for the Lincoln MKC. My biggest question: what the heck is he saying? Ellen's biggest question: why did the folks at Lincoln cut her out


“I'm Warning You!”

Has your child ever done something so unintentionally funny you can't help but laugh, even when you shouldn't? Of course! And once it starts, it's almost impossible to stop. Check out what happens when the mother of


Barista in Chief?

President Obama's taking some heat about the way he disembarked from Marine One yesterday after arriving in New York. With a coffee cup in his right hand, he casually saluted the two Marines at the bottom of


She's All the Buzz

Charlo Greene, a reporter at KTVA in Alaska, left her fellow employees in shock on Sunday. While completing a studio stand-up about the Alaska Cannabis Club, which provides connections between medical marijuana cardholders who need marijuana with