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Ben Fesses Up

Ben Affleck – aka, the newest Batman – fessed up to some past sins in a new interview with Details magazine. For instance, he got caught counting cards in a Las Vegas casino. Not so bad that


Not to Beat a Red Cup, But…

Here's a clip from this weekend's Miss America competition. Miss Massachusetts – Lauren Kuhn – rearranged “Valse Dramatic” and played it absolutely beautifully in the talent competition. Sure, the talent competition only counts for 30% of the


Mayim Cold to Frozen

Mayim Bialik, who portrayed Blossom in her younger days and now plays Amy, Sheldon’s “friend that’s a girl but not a girlfriend” on The Big Bang Theory is not afraid of speaking her mind. Earlie this week,


Fix the Fish!

George is an Australian goldfish. That's not a breed – it's where he lives. His owner says he's ten years old, and he had a tumor growing on his head. According to the vet who treated him


Big Time Pick Me Up

Okay, you're feeling a little low. Work's got you down, it's the middle of the week, the weekend's in sight, but still… You sure could use a little pick-me-up. All you need is a big ol' dog,