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Mellencamp Smokes Away

John Mellencamp visited Late Show with David Letterman on Monday night, and it may have been one of Letterman's weirdest interviews ever. The conversation turned toward heart attacks – both John and David have suffered them in


A Wild Reunion

This is an amazing video. The Aspinall Foundation helps introduce gorillas born in captivity into the wilds of West Africa. This video captures the moments when Damian Aspinall and his daughter Tansy rediscovered two gorillas she hadn't


Comedian in Chief

At Saturday's White House Correspondents Dinner, SNL's Cecily Strong had some strong competition. From the current resident of the White House himself, President Obama. Check out this bit where he invited Luther, his anger translator, to interpret


Celebrate YouTube

Ten years ago this week, YouTube was founded. Hard to imagine a point in our history without it, but there you are. The first video ever was a 19-second opus called “Me at the Zoo,” posted by


Don't Push Iron Man!

Robert Downey Jr. was sitting down for a series of interviews about Avengers: Age of Ultron. Things are okay for the first four minutes, and then they start to go off the track when the reporter starts