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Garth Brooks: Class Act

Garth Brooks stopped mid-concert to celebrate one of his fans in Minneapolis over the weekend. His fan, Teresa Shaw, held up a sign during Garth's performance of “The Dance.” “Chemo this morning, Garth tonight. Enjoy the dance.”


Oh Yes She Did

Kim Kardashian has finally done it… She has bared her butt for all to see on the cover of Paper, a fashion magazine. Ironically, she's not wearing any fashions, unless of course you count a huge choker


A Diamond & Jelly Sandwich?

The geekosphere's been going a little nutty (sorry for the pun, you'll understand in a moment) about a scientist in Germany who's been creating diamonds out of peanut butter. That's correct. He's doing some experiments related to


Dude, It's a Gas

Jimmy Fallon's Tonight Show has its own science expert – Kevin Delaney from Little Rock's Museum of Discovery. He looks like a diminutive Hagrid from Harry Potter, but that's not important. What is important is that he