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Happy Birthday, You're Dead

It's fairly common knowledge that major publications have obituaries pre-written for celebrities – especially as said celebrities grow older. Take, for instance, a star from the Golden Age of films, Kirk Douglas. In a week, he'll celebrate


Game of Drones

Just about a year ago, the folks at Amazon starting talking about their drone delivery system – Prime Air – which could deliver items to consumers within 30 minutes or so, using flying drones, of course. They


Which Pan Is This?

With the approach of NBC's Peter Pan Live – starring Allison Williams as Peter and Christopher Walken as Captain Hook – it's probably good to note that there's another production of the story of Peter Pan on


Remix That Holiday!

When it comes to doing something fresh and new on late night television, Jimmy Fallon is your go-to guy, and The Tonight Show is the place to go. On Friday night, Jimmy and guest Rashida Jones (from