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Drones Dance of Beauty

We're hearing an awful lot about drones these days. Seems like they're everywhere. And now, they've entered the world of dance. Check out this fascinating video where three drone spotlights make a dancer's shadows come to light.


Worst Movie Promo Ever

Have you been caught up in the Sharknado frenzy? For some reason, the first two Sharknado TV movies broke all sorts of viewership records. So naturally, Sharknado 3 is coming to our small screens this July. This


Shut Up and Dance!

There's a very cool video making its way around the Internet. It's a mash-up of a bunch of movie dances – from Dirty Dancing to Grease and everything in between – set to the tune of “Shut


Keep Your Poop to Yourself

Marty Walsh, the new mayor of Boston, Massachusetts has a pet peeve. Well, he's peeved over pets. Specifically, people who don't pick up after their pets properly on the streets of Boston. “They’re picking their dog stuff