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Get Your Geek On!

The new Lego action-adventure video game is due for release a month from today. “Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham.” In it, Batman and the other members of the Justice League have to travel into deep space to


Cat Fight!

John Cleese and Taylor Swift visited The Graham Norton Show on BBC America the other day, and compared their cats. Well, sort of. Taylor’s cat – Olivia Benson, named for the character on Law & Order: SVU


Set the Girls Free!

Did you miss it? Yesterday was No Bra Day – a day set aside for women to walk around support-free to show support for breast cancer awareness. Some people find it offensive. Some people just use it


You May Be a Duck If…

John Luke Robertson, the oldest son of Willie and Korie Robertson from Duck Dynasty, celebrated his 19th birthday by getting engaged to his girlfriend, Mary Kate. Check out the picture they posted to Instagram right after he


Clowns Abound

Some fans of American Horror Story were truly horrified with last week's scary clown episode. It looks like American Horror Story might be coming to life – a little bit anyway. In the small town of Wasco,


Queen, Back on Track

If you're a big fan of Queen, your dreams have come true. “Queen Forever,” a new compilation of Queen songs, will hit the stores next month. What's really cool is that it features three tracks that haven't