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On Stage “Redemption”

This weekend's Global Citizen Festival in New York's Central Park saw some inspired musical pairings. Like Beyonce joining Eddie Vedder from Pearl Jam on stage to peform Bob Marley's “Redemption Song.” I don't know the song, so


Such a Love Story

Ana Maria and Domingo Chavez were married 55 years, and this week, they died within hours of each other. The pair met on a dance floor in Texas, raising eight children together and settling in Idaho. In


Why Poke the Bear?

This video went viral earlier this week. At this writing, close to 4 million hits on Facebook. It's taken by a guy who was flying a camera drone in front of a State Police facility in New


Is That a Glowing Turtle?

National Geographic released an amazing video yesterday of a biofluorescent sea turtle. What's amazing – besides the colors – is that this is the first time anyone has captured a biofluorescent reptile. Biofluoresence, according to National Geographic,