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Twerk It, Teddy!

Beat the Christmas rush, folks! You know your kids are going to be screaming for a twerking teddy bear. Yes they will. Apparently, they're available now. The folks who posted the video say they're at Wal-Mart –


Keep Your Eye on the Ball!

We've seen plenty of fans in the stands catch a baseball barehanded, right? And plenty of one-handed barehanded catches, right? How about a one-handed barehanded feeding-the-baby-with-the-other-hand catches? Not so many of those – if any of those


Join the Army, You Will

It's pretty cool when science fiction becomes real. Take for instance the concept of hoverbikes. These were the invention of George Lucas and his team in the original Star Wars trilogy. A motorcycle-style hovercraft that could cover


Let's Go to Middle Earth

It's Throwback Thursday Time. This video's about a month old, but it shows a pretty amazing impressionist named Jamie Costa. He's playing Gandalf, recruiting followers to the cause. But he can only muster up Robin Williams (spot-on


The Male Beyonce?

Channing Tatum stopped into The Tonight Show to plug his new movie, Magic Mike XXL. He talks about how the movie could be what everyone wanted the original Magic Mike to be – a whole lot of