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Arrivederci, Abe

Abe Vigoda passed away yesterday at the age of 94. It's hard to say what brought this actor more fame. His role as the hitman Tessio in The Godfather movies, and his memorable line: “Tom, can you


Calling Officer Shaq

How's this for some official back-up? Bobby White's a police officer in Gainesville, Florida. He was called to handle a noise complaint about some kids playing basketball in their own neighborhood. Instead of breaking up the game,


Think Before You Eat!

A lawyer who specializes in food-poisoning litigation shared a list with Yahoo! Finance yesterday. The Top 6 Foods he refuses to eat. Period. He says each of them comes loaded with a high risk for getting you


All That And More!

This could be known as the Typo Seen 'Round the World. Aldi, a supermarket in England, sells a product they call Cooked Ham Trimmings, described as “cooked ham formed from cuts of pork leg meat.” It looks


Who's More Catholic?

Stephen Colbert's a Catholic in Hollywood. That's a very small special interest group. Last week, he welcomed another to The Late Show. Patricia Heaton, who played Ray Romano's wife on Everybody Loves Raymond, was visiting to promote