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An Ode to Whisky

Songwriters have had many muses throughout history. A person, a place. Something inspiring that catches the writer's eye or ear that triggers a thought that turns into something creative. Things that dull the wit are seldome captured


Don't Want to Know, Then Don't Ask

The folks at OKCupid, the online dating site, have decided it's time for them to expand member options for gender identity and sexual orientation. On the list for orientation: asexual demisexual heteroflexible homoflexible pansexual questioning And here's


I'll Be Back… Again

Why reinvent, when you can cut and paste? That seems to be the theme of Arnold Schwarzenegger's new project, Terminator Genisys. The first official trailer hit the Internet yesterday, and it looks like a mish-mash of the


Up in Smokey

Back in the late 70s and into the 80s, Burt Reynolds was a major movie star. He won all sorts of awards for being a box office draw – none for his acting, but he didn't really