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Tommy Cuts a Rug!

Alfonso Ribeiro grabbed the spotlight on Monday's Dancing With The Stars with a callback to The Carlton, the dance that became his signature piece on Fresh Prince of Belair. But there were other spotlights shining. How about


Wake Up Call!

Teresa Guidice appeared on What What Happens: Live earlier this week to talk about her recent sentencing. Host Andy Cohen told her that most people didn't think she's actually serve time for her involvement in husband Joe's


O, CanaDOW!

You've got to give Mark Donnelly credit. The singer was on skates to sing the Canadian national anthem before the start of the Penticton VEES hockey game in British Columbia last week. The rink was dark, he


Ben's Bat Body

Ben Affleck took a lot of heat from naysayers when his casting as the new Batman was announced. But his wife, Jennifer Garner, is not complaining at all. She was on Live with Kelly & Michael late