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Kegger? Nah, Campaigner!

Some kids waste their time in their college dorms drinking and partying. Others might use the college experience to sleep in or better their video gaming skills. Not Saira Blair, an 18-year-old freshman at the University of


Get Me Inside the Snake

Science can be fun, but there comes a point where your discovery phase crosses a line into “Seriously? I'm doing what?” On the Discovery Channel on December 7, wildlife specialist Paul Rosolie plans to be eaten alive


All About That CMA

At the Country Music Awards last night, the producers decdided on an interesting duet. Pop star Meghan Trainor and country superstar Miranda Lambert pairing up to sing Meghan's megahit, “All About That Bass.” (By the way, Miranda


KimBama, Perhaps?

Kim Kardashian's taking a little bit of heat today for her Tweet on Monday about “standing with Obama in the midterm election.” Lots of people think she was expressing her support for Obama's reelection – which really


G'Day, Mates?

United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon visited Vienna this week, and committed a verbal faux pas. When thanking President Heinz Fischer for his hospitality, the General also acknowledged “the government of Australia.” He caught himself fairly quickly,


Minions Accomplished

Ever wonder where the adorable little yellow creatures came from in the Despicable Me movies? Wonder no more – your questions will be answered in 2015 with the new Minions movie. The official trailer was released this