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Running on Water

Reza Baluchi has a dream: to run across 190 nations to encourage world peace. Over the weekend, he was attempting to run from Florida to Bermuda, and had to be rescued by the Coast Guard. Don’t worry


Cuban Under Control

Seems like Mark Cuban, owner of the NBA's Dallas Mavericks, is not afraid of the ebola scare, even with it hitting so close to home with a confirmed case in a Dallas hospital. It's simple. He told


Reality Gets Real

Joe and Teresa Guidice, stars of Real Housewives of New Jersey, learned their fates in US District Court yesterday. In March, they pleaded guilty to bankruptcy fraud and conspiracy charges related to phony loan applications. Joe was


Where's Waldo's PD?

A month ago, CBS News did a story on the town of Waldo, Florida, reportedly the nation's biggest speed trap. In 2013, Waldo's seven police officers wrote nearly 12,000 speeding tickets, collecting over $400,000 in fines, which


Not a Bad Idea At All

At first, it sounds like something played strictly for laughs. Ashton Kutcher, pretending to be a product engineer for Lenovo, conducting focus groups to get feedback on the company's products. You figure he'll goof around, put the