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Down the Hatch, Matey!

The clock's tick-tocking. NBC rolls out Peter Pan Live! tonight at 8 (that's Eastern time – looks like the West Coast won't get it live). They've been practicing for months. Everything's in place. Now it's up to


New Lightsaber, Anyone?

Geeks and nerds around the universe have been going nutso over the new Star Wars Episode 7 trailers. They've even taken to discussing the little things in the trailers. Seems like the most-discussed item is the new


Jimmy Learns to Fly

Alison Williams – playing the title role in tonight's Peter Pan Live! on NBC – popped into The Tonight Show a couple of weeks ago. Why? To teach Jimmy Fallon how to fly, naturally. Some of the


It Just Got Real

You've heard the expression “Knock Me Over With A Feather,” right? Last night, that almost happened to Ariana Grande. Here's the deal. Ariana was on stage at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show in London last night, performing