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007 to 1

Oddsmakers in Britain think that Damian Lewis could become the next James Bond, replacing Daniel Craig. Damian's perhaps best known for the role he played on the TV drama, Homeland, for which he won an Outstanding Lead


It's Getting Real (Crowded)

The Donald made it official yesterday. He's running for President. Of the United States. No, seriously. Donald Trump wants to be the next POTUS. He's jumping into a crowded field, with other announced candidates including Jeb Bush,


Owe Know Ewe Din't, Kem

If there's one thing you'd think Kim Kardashian would excel at, it's spelling the names of top designers. Not so much when she tweeted about Giorgio Armani discontinuing her favorite makeup. Why did Georgio Armani discontinue my


Duck, Bob!

Bob Uecker, the voice of the Milwaukee Brewers, a former major leaguer himself, and star of TV, movies and beer commercials (okay, that one goes way back), got beaned at batting practice the other day. Doctors say


What Does Arya Say?

Twenty-four hours after what was for some viewers the devastating season finale of Game of Thrones, one of its surviving and perhaps disabled characters tweeted about the show with fans. Maisie Williams, who plays the newly-sightless Arya