Billy is slightly obsessed with Dancing with the Stars

Wednesday, September 6th


Billy Kidd is just a little TOO excited about the cast announcement for the upcoming season of Dancing with the Stars. 15 year old Billy would probably be embarrassed by 47 year old Billy. 

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Terry Clifford. Betty gave him an ounce the Dancing With The Stars line up for the next season old fridge school in September 18 starts. Now I bring this up because my wife will watch the show. And that we'll lay next to her in bed reading. Or look at Twitter because I've never been. Early entertainment itself the because I don't know who most of the people are well. I don't know I don't go to the IRV Starr I door and I quote unquote stars I know most of the people in the season. And my kid I guarantee my kid is gonna suck us into this show she's eight years old she's a huge Disney fanatic. Okay each team beach to have been on replay in my house since the day they came out on the Disney Channel. Oh gee now that it's just a little bit beyond me. What a team beat cheating Tino tee TV each one of the stars from teen beach too is going to be an oh boy I can name is Jordan Fisher. The main. NFL's I'd Terrelle always is out it was Buffalo Bill early. Easter Easter recognizable out beyond played a big US. Breslin personalities Nikki gala. It's going to be on there. I somebody from shark ankle I don't know somebody from pretty little liars who I don't know the shark tank here I don't I don't even have the name in for. Out a little word is that he writes about that one guy the rich guy Mark Cuban dad it's not him then that who cares. Com. Our former. Singer Nicholas JC still a singer. Oh yeah he's like a Backstreet boy yeah it's at 98 degrees Ali's school Aziz. Here's the cool part his wife is going to be amateur to who you a teammate of I her name is Vanessa. All I'm OK wow and here's the reason I'll be tuning. All. Did not just his bell and I'll tackle wanna watch it now why do you want to watch as my middle school crushed Debbie Gibson it's going to be. Any and every one under the age of occurred just that. Well who. OK for anybody under thirty I can tell you why you know who she adds okay she was in the Katy Perry video for last Friday night member of sounded funny goofy video OK yeah everybody's in the videos Debbie Gibson is Katy Perry's mom in the video. I guess in its 47. She went from being a pop singer writer to writing for Donna people wow to being on Broadway. Young man and a shadow of their donor bank yell but gee I would be cheating. She's away that's extra cheating RL I don't think she was dancing Broadway IS HEY. It's held you know what we're gonna find out that she wise and the other names oh my god I just completely forgot her name and Lindsay sterling okay Galicia I had never heard of Lindsay sterling market Lindsay sterling. She is a a violin player. But she does this like pop new wage. Theatrical thing where she's not just standing at a podium with a sheet music she dances she rocks her her whole video and she's spoken huh. Hot she had dealers list she with a violation yes. We tiny little thing and it click on any of her video she dances through the whole video and she does stuff she was on America's Got Talent. And they told her this act is never gonna get your anywhere. Now she didn't ya I believe it was our d.s wife who said two or you know this is not a million dollar act out like well guess right. Google her some time to find out how much Lindsey sterling is worth well plus I'm looking at her tour dates right now the go crowd. November through Christmas are hot probably in twenty city. Including. Chicago today is a Phoenix why not all those illegal horrible she as any record DO. And I believe she is holed. If not hundreds of thousands millions of albums to go to the answer their fatal. I bet she will and that she will I but at some point she will be out there with an injury in her hand allowed celebrity network says she's worth ten million right polling Mozilla it adds to or not. You know what she could she could be the dark horse in this 'cause I don't know that a lot of people know who she he has. I think Debbie Gibson's gonna need you to stay on your phone I'm cool only this time rather than tweeting you're gonna have to be calling to vote for her okay. Up these kids you know why did begin at six years to berth with me really. I mean she was my last day. In all the few years. Under you are up okay possibly it's our right from the night yeah. Wow so put your blue I shed a lot Billy and owner. You would have been better dancer and so on all of you let have just GQ. To be the mall first time most people heard the dumb things early in my dreams document that. No I don't know she felt pensive on the beach blackened right you're and hints on the cheek. I'm here don't we turn to get and up up.