BMCC - Do those FAN SIGNS at concerts really work??

Wednesday, April 19th


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Really go to a country concert where there's a lot of people who make signs for some sort of message for the artist on stage I think every single show and no wonder sometimes they comment on and sometimes they dealt with but timid say they're out on the road doing their tour together and there was a couple who held up assigned who said please tell us the gender of our baby we have to stop the shot NC with this is all about what do you mean you want me to reveal the gender they brought the envelope. Was that their plan. What do you mean Atlanta finished Sorenson the gender reveal within the envelope so they handed Timothy the envelope than it was fielded everything and they did the big reveal right on stage yet you thinking in my have been fixed. Yet here. You do. I'm just saying nice car questioned those names ruined the beautiful animals are wonderful story I'm sorry I think girl. I just have game operations experience. Early in my career I worked for her in NBA franchise and a Houston Rockets and now as the game audio producer. And now worked very closely with the mascots. And they would all the time they would set up plants. To do during the timeout whether it was the kiss cam morning guys. You know the Dow lawyers CA day on the phone or otherwise distract dead and then. You know the mascot come down and kisses girl remove a mosque. And their videos on FaceBook of by Keith Urban answering signs people saying hey can I play your guitar can I play guitar with the EU the guy comes up to shreds it like he's. In other greens guitar player ever I don't think anything happens by mistake. Com well why I excite you didn't. Then the video while you know I got excited about it. If Patricia wasn't in school right now. You know Tricia right Trisha is local teacher and oh yeah yeah yeah endless winter break. I'm Trisha if you are listening. I give us a call it is she's been pulled on stage twice. Has seen with artist Lady Antebellum. That I'm almost positive lady entity she brings assigned she's a local music teacher tank and she does it as like thing for her students. Socialize just hold up assigned cannot sing with you. And lady day and somebody else runner up on stage. And I'm not matter and through the years we have a little bit of a report. In on though she wasn't set out that those worst. Spontaneous. When Tim McGraw was in candidate go I would say 23 years ago somebody brought some picture from his year but some that. Seventh and that freaked him out right in the middle of the show that somebody had this and he's like stop stop stop I'm so sorry. Where do you get this city started asking in the but it was some Brando. College picture that he had with someone I'm sure we tearing the tinsel away for some. You know big fans here and there are not for me now I'm still gonna believe. I think this was just beautiful all somebody's said TJ you should be used to mr. negative downsize now. And I'm just going just because you say something doesn't mean I. Stay is in mourning be studios. Morning by. Wanted to let you know when note that I actually apple a day at a state better than what I had about it are actually out. Lewd and yeah. Well. I actually got a bit about what would you say I don't know. Like an article little breakdown in Atlanta kind of error should post more people are unhappy crowd are. On a school girl that street yeah. Right that's their sleep data bra commercial yeah. Well good for you I'm attracted all taken magna conspiracies. I got out there that's. I'm I'm. Looking man. Your morning coffee club. Either. You're talking about I counter. And yeah. On or maybe it's still a lot of big girl crush yeah I directly and I don't picture I didn't know the number of attack line. Some 94092. That we can get pictures on that line you're gonna have to email it. I'll okay well my friend and I went to Brian in. Summer and on where you aren't they. Being in the fifty range. And her daughter I mean if I. We've got a girl crush on your wife. And now in private chuckled. I'm. Yeah yeah. And you're just playing it on and think about it. To cool thanks so much for Colin. And right now. It more in Europe with V. Good morning eat that. Yes this did turn I'd heard that people are looking at are in need chairman on a. Yes this is the teacher I was telling. Takes the signs to the concert she came up again. I just I. You've been. Good on see I've I was like she's at school right now I can I don't know how to go. I'm not I'm not an at and I hear it all know. Who you appearing ways. Up up up knocked out. I couldn't remember who all had pulled you on stage and no Lady Antebellum. And you had assigned for who else brought in bright neighbor you. Why not just art. The sport I'm. I am I act like I and I think what you and I. Wear with it Colin. And ask and leading an alum. And that I needed it on my aunt and yet at the start to. And that I at the end but he no I'm not only went up CEO and and one now and at last summer. Now that I'm gay and I and with Matt and elsewhere out. I am at. Okay me and the standards work. Jamie should be happy. There. How and all of a all of them were spontaneous. That are in the move inside shenanigans. Ultimately I think I am not cool at LB people are real. So now I you know I wet but now I Tricia I. I have one question for you remember the sign that said. The only reason I came to this concert was for Newman. Yeah I didn't that would. She did he pay you to implant you with an audience without grinding at it I am. No she was that was a dark part of traditions alive I think she was battling a deep depression and. It didn't get maybe yeah barely got you know. We want to get to talk it out. You're the laugh and nine. A back. We doing in New York just hanging out. We are black and now I can't say I'm the mining act and caddies as it. Allen locking up Allen and now I'm. I don't agree on today. They wouldn't that we. Will you go to battery parking give me a bit leg attacks are ridge. I our time. Yeah RA will get back to your fine your name came up was spontaneous today and spontaneously. I should say to the educator. And I put out the bad signal it's crazy that it works with a small world. Out of the army. Have fun have a safe trip. I.