BMCC- Don the Handicapper's PICKS for the Kentucky Derby!!!!!

Friday, May 5th


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DC media. A dad any good morning I'm Don no area and they didn't know what we're ready to go out. All right it's Donn handicap version. Join this each and every year he's our man a great friend to us. News also line in my pockets didn't at timers to over the years we get the derby tomorrow house was just telling us nine may be rain in there. Yeah well this is that these predictions got a few. Does that and so yeah it. There are very innovative and arrange. Let's hear him there aren't any person. I'm sorry who can't. Is there is grandson and household numbers he knocked back after a. Yes over probably yeah okay yep yep we got it do you think that this year. Nobody can go to pick Irish are cry. But it is it is awaiting their. We got ahead of the second. Employer preferred. Enclosing empires and favorite. He's got a better though you got to remember that. Yeah got to get that okay if Israel should that is going to be verbally. You know it definitely better. Okay leopard. I'm gonna Wear and it was really me. He's dreaming. Yeah. And let it truly. Jury. Echo second yeah. Yeah I reassure cry. Then their mother's going to be practical Joker. So what the mutter I just make just dead that would just with that horse. And I just put toward women you know. One place or show because it is it's hard to tell you know what Morton they're going to be very you know it's going to be just in my own rating. The trip going to be Sarah is going to be good. It is just you know look it's a very hard for everybody would ebitda Israel and million women he's alleged crisis tomorrow. And you do you both like this source Irish war cry and from what I can see of all the horses in the field. Number seventeen Irish war crimes about a 61 favorite is the best in the mud. Yeah. That's what I am I'm bigger than to be members somewhere. I don't know if you don't read speculation that side of thirteen and seventeen. And can then it is seventy boom it's been working. At now. Remember the source who can remember many position. But that's our that's our particular. Until you put appropriate. I'm I'm I'm met none of those two years suggestions. Though. And it. Well we've got to try and remember there. The restive Baghdad he's just coming out of retirement so. I tell you Keating is the dutiful like one year for crack and that's up. OK this guy he's. It is important for trial. And grab every time I bet bumping into that that whether that's. And that's. I don't know him and burst. My grammar let's put need to work or if he eons ago rampant takes into the trash that's awesome. That Tibetan refugees until super reliable and all the time. I I doubt we'll put these accent or FaceBook page so people can know who to choose tomorrow in the derby and now good luck to us. Well I didn't I remember. Cameron got to a representative today. All right thanks done. Right and done likes the number five ports. Tomorrow. Always dreaming it's the horse's name of five to one thing he likes the number five. He also likes the number thirteen Horace. But he also likes the number seventeen in this is significant Irish war cry. Seventeen is a 61 favorite supposed to rain at Churchill Downs tomorrow Don says that the sports Irish war cry is the best of the horses in the slop. O'Donnell likes 513 and seventeen. So when I go to an account there I do win place show on that. I would go that well he would probably want to box them. That OK but I'll win place show the mutter for share just to get it's yes. When play showed that Tony to whine just because that would be huge pay out and he says take the five to win okay. And if you put two dollars are at the prescribed when you win twelve bucks for me to knowledge of that. There aren't. And just for the funeral key in his whatever seven year old nephew also reflects the number seventeen. From some greens and what it looked at it. That he likes the 72 so I think the seventeen is the key horse here. Phillips would darn things and I'll try to. Melt this down to something that's understandable and put it will be for. What do I do with the long shot here and I get the hang tickle joke. You always say. Any deal. Want to make sure I'm doing it correctly don't said he does like the number nineteen is a long shot yes and Toni don't want there are put to those who wait on it it dollars doing you know. Who really want to meet to decide. I'm not gonna tell you what to do we continue combat you were you told me did you. Yeah he's neurologist. Pointers. Right you know they're not must have you never been to the counter before Delhi I have their wildly helpful if you ask any confusion. They're more than eager LP even the people there. Eight you may look around like who badly in this crowd. But the raw wonderfully kind and helpful when it comes abetting let me make one suggestion don't go up there and what like three minutes before the race starts. What do I do. Because you'll have a lot of people behind you that are ready to populate with the kids are so that early in if you do do that any better now where a picture that if we get them. I know station church are I guess.