BMCC- Don The Handicapper's Preakness Picks!!!

Friday, May 19th


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And there. All right I man that's confidence he's not even wait until Friday now I don't I know. Not doctor rate went up don't what you did say after the derby after you pick the derby winner you said that you will be guaranteed winner. There's good air and be sure. Oh or go to that area. I would you got done. I think I think players got a record combat air battery let I am but he liked him but up. All of creating. And then look internally they're. Or short below. If all of really go to pick out early. I think umpire but all right I have. Now they're ready right next to each other in the form five post your actions are or are. Oh yeah that third horse I was mentally fairly. Early and OK John I messed up the last time should not bed each of these horses to win should not box film what would be your advice to meet our. What is your shirt all of pro Iranian not. Let it go umpire I think they're going to be one still going to be one way or the other and it got real like I have an hour they act. I can tell it may look like we're gonna cry aboard flight time and I meet here on continued public or money bet yeah. But but they're they're not very much did admit that. I would really come you know probably pay about five already. And maybe a classic welcome bit of type of play about five or drink that's it and I called what each other. Yeah that's right get my car I've been looking early because they've put quite a bit of thirty dollars to win. Looking at leave love finished second in the Kentucky Derby. A strong finish toward the end of 33 to one shot at the derby. Out so that I didn't. Are right. And now looking at night at ten to one underdog in this one. You know making BMI at air here where one Democrat when liberate them up. They're not prevail there a lot of it recommended going to be the next great and are gonna be about fifteen or when the next great yeah. Obama yeah that could be wide wide open. It's a Triple Crown winner I don't yet I don't they get. At Tora went wrong on that Kentucky Derby. Don is Bob Barr and again. Didn't panic and dogged it in order to win to play traditionally look at port that's your money. I know I know we're on now I had to pull my own mood out amount. Max and go over well in that. To your door your article but. That has aren't feeling then. I hope I don't make a lot of hey look I don't ever run him out after he had ordered. I he's back in action not not that I'm not using my own brain whatsoever with this one I'm going straight dime. It is not and I. Caught wind hey Ali you want to bet I've got your eighty bark or any. Sounds good thank you so much we always appreciate your time. Got budget done my.