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Tuesday, January 24th


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On man husband played this thing for he had just pulled it how's. It it. You know look. How like. TV stations all have like their financial expert. Yes yes and now goes to Lampard different pains. You angry and Jim Cramer is a guy like and CNBC. Add you like even locally like to call somebody from in Brighton secure storage convoy you see him all the time in station yea that's the line. One anyways. Syracuse has. A version of him. And he totally stole your bit and. Government takes a group. Washington DC they are looking for spots where they can save money so I have to suggestion. Of getting rid of missile packed story Steve's been preach in this rhetoric since I've and so I. Our group can save many so I have a suggestion. Get rid of the penny. New figures coming out with a Treasury Department shows the cost to produce a penny went off a little bit last year that costs what are. That sense to make our pen so think about that for every penny we've got the government is losing that one it will only produces and then. Do produce all rot halt pending news they're paying their way he didn't know it's just zinc with copper. Right now and any loses me serves and didn't and some of them I thought we're gonna talk to he said spots like. Boston accent. Now known Allison me. Houses men do in this let's get rid of the penny bid for years and got the idea attic copyright better at least market exclusivity. There were no pennies in Canada you know. They ground giving up or down to even get off to a a Governor Snyder I'm I'm much snow I heard it all I thought. Why do we need in any event if it costs more to make a pity that it's worth. I'm fine that England Australia New Zealand of the nations that have gotten rid of the penny some countries and even government calling altogether. I'm not announcing that the we do not need the pin everything is funny you write go to Canada and I think they rounded off of feel like I'm. You know getting an extra bargain because in saving a couple of weeks but they do they they rounded off to the next nickel perfect why did you do you like. Is that up as they have to say that I have a big. It's of that so water jug flipped upside down right so what happens journalist and easing get your money than you'll start saving Nickels and you'll save five times as much. Move. That was a good burn the go now I was thinking. It's like that throw away coin absolutely. Spent the play calling that an investment that's what weighs down my purse out to bite my purse all of a sudden fifty pounds I go home empty not a thought penny and put it into my judge you making my argument forming a. The but it needless calling. They're saying it costs more to make the pennies and what the pennies worth it. But this guy goes on to explain if you listen to the whole thing why they can't do it I guess they would have to I don't know rewrite laws not changed a constitutions. But there's laws as far as didn't nominations of currency. And it would have to all Donald Trump has to do is write an executive order and yeah because that's really I'm sure that's a top priority at the all the things he's got that right now.