BMCC - A Magic Mike Mother's Day

Wednesday, May 10th


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Man I am in an education today all of reduce heat and magic Mike thing. TJ wants to take her mom says the magic might show at the armory. My mom and her friend. Go does that makes a better. Is and people. Don't understand it and. What do you think she's not telling your mom she's taking your and that's the thing that's right my sister in dire are. Having a back and forth this morning I'm like what are you don't so hourly and she's texting me she's like look. Let's think about what you told me last night. And I think blind side mom with this might be a bad idea. Is she afraid your momma just like it. They could go either way. They can go either way like she knows I'm take I'm rolling the dice with this one but what if she's so excited about this unbeknownst to you legacy in his job turn onto a main street. She pulls out this water singles. Moon. No this is not something she would ever go to Q and less she were drag. I'm now I know you're excited to see the show to what if mom doesn't like it says let's get out of other well. But five co Ers will not stay if she doesn't feel comfortable. Lot of people Texan then they go with their mark this is so weird in this this is what I don't get. Is Newman you don't get it because men signed a naked women. Sexy. You need to understand that women find naked men hilarious. And. Is it because where utility area I thought out there works of art. Is that it I guess I don't know how to explain it to you but it's not what you fake. Is it like dead Steinfeld episode with good naked in bed naked town now we might just naked hair breadth Jeanne good. Open and jar of pickles Max and I shot. Now I mean don't get me wrong. Most the time your last seen at the women who are really really into it is there's always those. Get the front row seats again in to have no filter in jest so it's just. Find it amusing that guys to turn in an end to stump then. I don't want her talked out of it I just wanted to go and have a good time it. And what kind of her vogue group on the isms are. Finally things are everywhere these studio good morning. I. Think it's. A wet now. And I'm involved yeah it's so bad. She's never gonna buy tickets for she's never gonna on the plane going but if she's dragged. She's gonna have a good time. She. She. And her. Bernard Bernard. Who. Communist go to bed at telling you how bad and I'm a lot. Actually that's what I think you tonight I explained my sister all morning. How. Great. Mother. And you all the show up no men. Are 08. Little. US and take yeah including up to music is her. And guess what do you just let. I'm. I'm just. Well I can't I don't remember and I we are out and we are you understand how. Tired of these guys to map the minds around that concept right about now right yeah we're all right thank. If you if you got to explain it for. Some lights. Up there and I.