BMCC - Newman is liberated!!!

Monday, April 17th


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He now when I do some minute works for me I'd try to force it upon you to race there ready for the latest sugar. Now this is good man okay elegant thing me for this. Personally receiving pick up on this scroll through rough found in see if you notice anything missing. Glaring only obvious how says mine cracked I found. So that looks different. Way to do it did take FaceBook got his own he has no FaceBook and here there's no Twitter. Room. There's no social media. On my phone in an off came from Hamburg I think TJ was talking last week or started a conversation about how much time we spend on the damn thing without even realizing it not think we even had some data oh you found one. Our dog that's the one for the that's the ad for verified to FaceBook decision shelters FaceBook mentions he had you have to have the blue check marred by your name to get this summer months in box them okay. No that's just the same thing but you know it's getting deleted right now that was hidden in a folder. Yes I'm glad you found that as an extra eyes how do you get it out of there I'm sure they had to do with the way here this office is I was so liberated. Standing in line like to say I was in the I traveled this weekend you know. Sit and wait and for the plane. There was no social media guess what I did read like Newsweek. Well that's still around left. Yeah big sell magazines are read a station magazine it was a me. Give this up here I can't get out you know me. Please delete that. Appear. He elected day with me periscope. That's what out lie. And parents is goats gone twitters dime. There's like sports FaceBook gaps. Mess injured PGA's. He's you know we have to have a couple of them so we can post on the beat age problem Bob a block that you only really do it and delete the apt gated often there. The race is all the data. Yet that's fine man. Do it gotten his I'm not saying I'm not on social media I'm just wait until Amman the laptop or whatever and it's sit down thing. But all checked in it do the dame went jumble word during the song commercials. Standing in line. In a red light. You know public dumb you know they'll do it to people don't judge me. And then plus you know you set I travel Rouse flying and as they wouldn't have been able to. Those on social media at any team. Happens on them on the airplane I might have actually been forced to get up and help somebody that's look at it with a bit.