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Monday, January 23rd


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Okay. Now with all the have a bit you know the marches in Washington this weekend. I understand. I give it the reason. And reasons. While those women march. Bahrain. Now I mean said. We talked about does hats for a minute. Well. Hats were big big hits home. If I would've had one of those hats. Two weeks ago. Where neater around town. Out of been arrested. Well. Yes yes. Because two women came up with the idea miffed that happens. And it caught on like wild back and you might get arrested wearing it today he hit. Because you're of you know. Here you don't give up a little bit but it back later when they had the million man march what if they made actual gumption. There are unfamiliar records where big idea if that's if there. Like pop politics aside I thought this password hysterical. Nice and fluffy beautiful pink. Stretching it all sides usually abide by the league by one. If you want. The women who came up with the these two women who started that whole thing said what we want people to do more than just show up there and why this statement. To be made that made one thing. Twelve bucks if you want it and I'm Fred I'm afraid it's you know and it Tibetan women are seen at left and right so I guess it's okay to say it well don't cheat and you you got immunity. We got out there ain't no way and twelve bucks you'd look great in our and get people learn how to get Ellen like ease up.