BMCC - Retail Theft

Tuesday, May 16th


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Journal Molly yesterday. Us. To think that took sick of the mall I'm sorry. It just feels like every day my kid needs something that requires us going to the mall did use. Notice. She needed something. For course concert and you know it's like tonight. So she waited till the night before to tell me because that's what they deal that sounds about her she's like it needs to be and she's like telling me. What designed she's I want it to be short sleeves. In like just all black dress with a great material on like lesson. Here it rigor what we find out that. You have rights nobody ion that's all we did stay up all night dragged in Nebraska to get her which marks a school violence did Skype do you spoil those kids. Wild about the malls us was reading this article you know people complaining about how the malls are going. Down though and not only are they struggling here today in other cities as well yeah. And I stumbled I was reading the series of posting comments and one I found interesting. I'm curious to know how bad is shoplifting. In the retail game like if you work in retail and management sales whatever you're in whatever capacity. It is retail. Is. Act like worse than anyone who doesn't work in retail will ever know let me let me share this with yet this lady made made a post on this it says. As a retail manager for many years and we make a couple of comments regarding these angry posts first of all all malls had some type of crime just it's just not as published second. Lee the sheriff's department police do their best keep small safe and other public Carrey's safety you realize that every time you order online. And then decide you've changed your mind or warn the Adams in return it to the store. That goes against the store's bottom line this is all the thread about all the brick and mortars closing down. And says that's the high prices perhaps that shop listing. Wasn't so rampant the prices would be lower that's people's beef at the malls like okay angle Malone go on mining gated. Bernard two thirds or half the price of winter charging and I she continues Digg go aren't say most of the public has no clue who. As to the extent of shoplifting. Present in the malls it is appalling and extremely discouraging to employees this happens and outlets and upscale malls a lie. And across every socioeconomic. Lines. So remember you're spouting off about closing them all down. And are hoping thousands of individuals will find themselves unemployed. So how bad is it. Why worked in retail but there was a long time ago before there were security beepers. At the French doors and we we got wiped out. Times you go into the dressing room we need to find empty hangers clearly they layered up for the shoved it in their curse you do have to watch people. And they would tape. They would take the most expensive items but they just take a ton of maybe like clearance jewelry like it was so bizarre. What people chose to steal and then you were trained you can't follow him out of the store all I could do was call the police did not follow them do not approach them. Was against the rules and that's on the highway nine wanted to hear was in I so wanted to walk up the meal I just watched you put something in your purse. And how many times do you shop at a storied unity at five or six registered it are even mint gap between the they've cut back so much of them on employees. It's probably July easy just sort of slide out of the store. But it's not just that. As a manager. Of retail it's on your head thinking you. If it's on the clock and you had out somebody committed and wipe out a bunch of stuff it's it could be your job and you definitely get. Tim Mayer acts as if you know what I mean there's an in that there's definitely a call from a regional manager. What is in Thailand lost control loss prevention yeah. Again yeah. This lost this got a note here says hey I worked at Hollister and Abercrombie and ventures seven pitch for several years shoplifting was so bad in those stores people would sneak sometimes but other times just grab a pilot clothes from the time front table and run out the door. You know I was at the mall security. The we watched it we word Christmas shopping and somebody had just literally just before us ran manages grabbed a handful of stuff from Victoria secret ran out. And off some asking her questions is like I'm sorry I'm a little flustered someone just came in here and robbed us what can I help you with a good day take a minute. Broad daylight in front of hundreds of the best care had in no way is that bad and then of course people sort of commented on this ladies. Those aren't just found it. Pretty compelling I mean I knew it existed just not to the extent it was going on people are texting in a 94092. This one says they TJ is exactly right the problem we shoplifters. Is that they know. You aren't allowed to confront them or followed them one so they know they get a free pass unless there's. Pretty much cops stationed at the door era security officer. Another one says Howard Salina where where I was in thirty stores a day. Some stores lose on average forty dollars an hour and products and on this one Thomas store manager in the theft is out of control. It makes me sick that people think they can just take it is literally comes out of my pocket because if my shrink is to die. I did not receive my bonus what's a shrink las from support. Lots of you know yeah revenue gets. Assuring him. There's no cold water involved if and down for you in. This Lynn but at. Yeah I don't know. And if it's that. They've try to do everything. You know I think you get no I mean. They put those plastic tags. You know it's obviously not stop and people tell it's not religion people who as a bunch of people who just walk out wearing stuff they stole. You know you're losing forty dollars an hour on average. Guy torrone box and our. You get multiple. Exits. OK so paying two guys. Fifteen bucks an hour. Did you scale in full on in shoplifting. For warding missions. Throughout their entire ship. And you're still coming out of the year only losing ten bucks an hour now that is terrible management you know I'm just didn't. Higher security guard to be right there on hand. They have them hire more than two weeks to recover the storm more than you know six hours a day each hand that you would pay them benefits. And the full time in minutes and Akashi more than just what to lose. Mean I happen to me twice yesterday. We were looking for something specific and we walked into a store and does sales person was like we don't have it here but would you like for me to order it online free and they stand there with a tale black. And I like how we don't have anything like that here but would you like me to check online I'm like well now I came here because I wanna walk out of here where that scope. Did did avenue once it's twice. So clearly they're being trained to if we don't have it here column order for them online. This Lanier says they Neman they need to raisers today is that these yes. Those two guys are talking about hiring given bomb. Okay just about one days or let him share. Due Marie AM and needed here. Mean Meehan junior could. Accept that and if that's redundant right. We met our you petite but now. In an ice to work at Wal-Mart one year we opened up electronics department seeking go in and now for ways. We lost 250000. Dollars that year in the electronics department yeah Hauser. A guy shrink. Is how much a store writes off each month so committed beat it damage others could meet at that but he cannot be to die or it will affect your monthly goals. It and did I guess managers according to another text are allowed pressuring of 1%. Of their total sales before. It starts affecting manner the pain then there's people saying hey companies use it as a tax write off that's why I don't cared. Pursue these people. Act. Like built and built in loss there's a deduction. If they seated supermarkets to. People showed a baggy green beans down there. In the pocket ever began. Hampshire dated men if it's not vaulted down. Publishers that are somebody somewhere that would try to taken off from morning coffee club. How bad job with bing spew involved. One and a night tomorrow but I'll cook out I do commercial vehicle and on the op that all look they can't do all I. Ontario are sure where yeah. I'll editor. Carolina and you go to market place they get mounted patrol there. Our content if they're not all that and what the problem here is body shop what curt. A lot of start up opt. If if I'm never taken the motor city sheriff's department has an office. Market they'll probably their mark. The security guard came up a little bit but up what are. They captivate is the number carpet come out bump and public share our air get there. You guys are gonna let that they can anyway and not what people. They just watch don't get plate number and dominate what you're Kara. I'll and if one's not right there it's nothing to get away from. Exactly a bad and all these Bert just why did op is that because they realize the cop Bob Barr have come Iraq. The latest right or not. Aniston met I'm trying to get to heaven because man it certainly sounds like you can get away with steel and crap like god oh. Well I appreciate your golf no doubt it how she is one respond. To this in this happens no matter. What the conversation as we could be haven't commerce station about. Dole had done challenged that kids are doing. On in social media that's injuring themselves. We can have a conversation about it and then there's always going to be one or two people. Editors so extended. All you're doing is promoting. The day you're talking about you're just teaching people to do it. Pursing got on my case here. Seeing dead I'm encouraging people to shoplift. By having a compensation about the shoplifting problem to your telling them how easy it is to just gonna do it more. Do you think that's the case people are listening to that conversation going you know what I never thought about it coffee club really gaming in good idea. I would go to the mall the day. Ensure apple lists. Had that's what am I did thanks coffee club. I'm guilty to these guys had to order how many people just. Put on clothes and walk out with a that's that he Steve come on man all you're doing is encouraging people to do that. People are feed ban. The brick there without us well it's just going to be increased. Ends on going to be on our conscience of yet to go buy some night Woolsey can sleep tonight. TV stations of the year in viewing has going why did you do that if that's the case wide why did they report murders on the news. Oh you're doing is telling people they can kill people. People as a problem with working in radio Euronext side there. It. It looks that. Way I want you could get any. Gap. Brown paper bag. Over your head walk in the mess and I know. Nobody will notice you you'll blend right in with that man I got here I don't worry about it. And take take some cable clippers because often times a laptops are tethered to the this Blake down there. Are you won a snap that and be sure to steal power cord. Also. One more easily vice Ebert because it only letting us make sure you Wear your beat T shirts so they can none of the two. And eight under. Aybar retired postmaster. From our area it'll be odd case of irony that after she retires her picture will go back those.