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Tuesday, April 18th


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Be ready for this because I'm coming in for it yet. Well I was done that well and of the Easter. My trip to Connecticut yeah. Why so I thought hey this is very what's happening. Well I think that camera video when we are currently in Connecticut the other day Mario. Cousins husband. Presented B was. Some work he's been doing so I think as I've told you in the past to my dad was a POW apple orchard. My cousin's husband has spent the past six months. Transcribing my dad's diary into readable document. And over the weekend he presented me that document. May easing and for the first time I read it. Every single page because it was in readable form now. We have handwriting that was hard all tied it was tough to read before plus it's really tough to read because god was my dad went through problems for use of captivity Japan. And I gave it to my Jeremy tested. So he could read you can see showed some interest in India and get a text from him. Last night the city was speechless. Over you won't it is. One other than it is one of the more power full. Pains I have. Enter the bread it is so stimulating on so many levels. I don't even know where to begin with there. And acting just still only imagine. As he talks about this journal and whenever they would generals would come in for extra inspection at these. Pow camps and reward camps he was and he would have to hide this there journal. From them. And it. I never knew how will your father was. And I've always joked about. Sturdy like it just sink that's all the pirates disease but houses to have had security. But the best part to the whole thing is these guys were losing friends right left. But somehow some way. They gain. Helped each other and stay positive and as you read through this being. You notice a cycle. I'm his birthday he always made a journal entry on his birthday Thanksgiving Christmas. And then there was some entries where. I don't know if he didn't even know the date he just kind of knew the month after this season. And then read non there and there's they can Wear out the door and 44 her you know they had all these scenes in hopes of BN. Liberated and just from. The torture end of it on two. Men how's your dad was a deeply religious man was. Yes he prayed a lot. He moved some of his best friends where I'm growing up for priests. And yet I saw a lot of that. Reading yesterday. In acting I can go on and on about this and I will thing I have ever read that he was filled with hope. Every day there will rumors that the war was ending. Every day he was just so hungry. In every single. Every single excerpt of the diary talks about how we had the heat but he had the know of a bowl bad rice. And in freedom to be able to say some days well this was a good day. Because you're a whole bowl of rice today. I was lying in bed really Gideon that's nineties there was one part two where these guys were so. Oh happy talked about how amazed he aided they word and the who. The Japanese are the so yet the Japanese yen. I gave them water buffalo. And how they were just so excited and they were all label to gain a little weight because. Of some. Discarded dead water buffalo. They had eighty. But there was some. Interesting stuff to day. I've really got a kick out of they're slowing the news. The act here anyway that's not so much with the three letter words they used to describe the Japanese. Buy it. Like I wanna go out like after dinner I can't wait oh and some monkey here. Yeah and those that smoke. Right I had and what's it chesterfield. I'd just feels a brand of cigarettes my gut smoked when. When I was a kid I remember chest of chesterfield kings he would trade fair. Like his butters for Chester fields or something like they Allah had prison some day we did visa boxes from the Red Cross. And sometimes they would have to divvy them up. My guess six per man and they would be like being corned beef isn't there. Some Coke some showed here. Well heartbreaking stuff was days when he would get mail everybody else would get mail he wouldn't get any and he would just. It's a movie needed now that it has stood the and a it and Sonya I've read a lot of books about me because I don't like read about fake stuff. When I do read I like to read about real events biographies. And a summary in this thing. It rates it's better that you see in the pictures in your mind well there there are pictures to I didn't see any of the picture. Nine as you see that photographs in that. My Mario cousin's husband is a lot of work in this. I'll send you some of that it's as compelling a story as any war movie or war book you've ever read. In your life just the main asset their last nine I was like come only get a read it a little bit in this today and but once I started it. Arctic and all the way to the end he begins with the attack on Pearl Harbor through his. Journey with the Bataan death march is three years in captivity to date he's freed. And that's the best part and there's a cool party at the end winning there and leaving it in their flying in over. Japan any talks about how it does is hard to get a deceased so much destruction. Flying over from what Albany has done to common. In all of his close friends that thing well I'm glad you appreciated it not now loved every minute of it handout was flattered that view. Ain't enough for me to have shared so who thanks for the Soledad that's green I wasn't for you that was for your dad I'll pass and trainers. Man it's text align people like a repeat that title of that book you were just talking about. Yet just joined this how shared with the mean his dad's a World War. II. Journal he kept. From when he enlisted all the way through this time and Japanese. Prisoners of war camps all the way through being liberated from there. And compelling things I've ever written you know I've read things about people. Don't know or whatever but it power your dad but I know you and it was. It was just a different perspective and it was written so real. And you could tell he was such a young mandate. This situation forced him to be wise beyond his years and I don't know it was just it'd really moves Meehan and I'm Tanya I've read from lonesome. I have birds. House staff house. American sniper. Any book about Vietnam that average is the most compelling. Seeing about. War. That I've ever consumed in my life way and I'm not w.s and hyperbole it's been as good as any of movie saving private Ryan's. No weight Saving Private Ryan BS. At any of them so anyway that's who we were talking about. He talks in depth about how he had a relationship with a one of the guards. In the guard taught him how to speak Japanese. How to run a write in Japanese. And you know my dad in that a lot of love of the Japanese after this but it. But he does talk pretty pretty deeply about this one guard who helped him out even the new pencil one day. Excited about giving him new. Penciled that we keep these stories alive I don't know if you've ever sat and watched like a marathon on History Channel. When they just tell this story and that story and all the different perspectives. Of World War II. One after another after another but I have never seen. The POW story. Of all the times because I was sick and I will watch History Channel yeah. Marathon all weekend lines. There have been specials on the Bataan death march in the past. And I've seen but you know gosh wouldn't. It makes me sad just to think that my poor dad went to it's now read his actual words. But your poured dad. Take that situations ass. That you know I mean it was god awful I can imagine. I think of how many men. Were unable to do what he did. And I have a theory RA in this main turn off a lot of people that are non believers. On your dad's side out the lord. Throughout this whole journal and and owner Massey dear sisters live the good lies like the now we give you a hard time I live in the fairy tell. They they they're doing the doing better than it actually. Is off. Let's face it seems impossible here's my theory that is the good lord almighty. Rewarding her father. Bob blessing his children with have a great life. For doing what he did. To protect people who were being extinguished. Because of who they where you know that was truly a war of good vs evil. And he walked a righteous path. And I think. Year and prayed life in the grain lives fears sisters. Who is. Heavenly reward. For your father. That's just what got by beating it well. Doing them better than Herman William announcement. I elderly today I want to log come on come out right in the middle. Talk about. It and. What a senior director of the AP I grandfather and brother both her and they will open war. And while the most breakthrough year the most that would stay out. Rainy whatever. When somebody stopped me and Al thank you Gerber. Are honored and humbled every time because they're putting me in the same category as our grandfather our brother and eat bad. Guys that actually. Would stop combat and I work at the. Help in the bag here and again I am honored and humbled every single day Al. He would come and over in exploring. This would be here well thanks for that. Tribute to be bad and everybody's bad Jeremy it was it will mean a lot and want it bad. When it when I was a kid. You didn't think soldiers for their service and I don't recall my dad ever being ousted the told thank you for your service but gosh about it if packages. Hug right now I would. I would certainly say to them over there was an staying his PA PT SD back then either. App I find it as bad at though it. When people stop means a bad and a bank meet and I utter quietly and I'd welcome and. Thank bell are a bit late morning and I almost everything. No worries Stiller muddied the VA and we will assume while I'm a great day. You don't aren't you wanted to. Good line good and his thing.