BMCC- Will Don the Handicapper come out of retirement ??

Tuesday, May 2nd


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Got a text 94092. Attacks that I've been getting. Nonstop for the last two days. Evil reaching out Tammy Faye on FaceBook Twitter team now. It says simply hey I asked the floor we didn't get an answer. Well done then handicap her. Beyond this week I don't think so it that well I mean have you heard any. Clues as to he might usually out of retirement usually he does call us rather than us having to find him I it. AP OK if you don't know Donn handicap there has been our horse racing contact. An expert for. Catch a kidney went Eliot probably. Point five many years and goes dead too long don't you remember when Don first came into our lives. But we vol. Well a lot of this has made a couple Nichols off Don namely last year. The third race of the Triple Crown. I know on 1830. Million dollars house guided one and number with a common and a half and our listeners. And or everybody but TJ one money. Then listen to Don but Don retired two years ago. And the first year I didn't think it would stick it was still landing you know. And last year at that we heard the end having Eddie came out of retirement again. It he had such a home run on that bill mind. You know he can't possibly out do himself. True that need told to say this is it for me I mean at this time. My son's gonna start noon and now. He also said he was so thankful he's gonna make a big contribution to the Ronald McDonald house which he did again and he said I'm done. You wanted to go our big winner. So do we reach out to his son. Or grandson which is a key and he union you know all call him I don't mind gold. I have his number a column see what happens. I think lastly has he told us the year before he was retired again last year if memory serves correct. The three of us at the hearing gave really bad advice we were guessing. We were lucky that yeah but so we're looking at numbers we're guessing what people should deal and then. That's who we should do. Colleen and telling to listen tomorrow and I'll come on and do not pay X. And that's what all last year and definitely I get a shut this guy out don't listen to world and you know time. I mean not just him and all those guys that are. Keynote rail birds Woody Allen yeah real birds to people hang out the track on don's bta. Is all about data action but PT PT. He's like Marshawn Lynch right how about an action bust up. So maybe we can get them out there as well. We need said told us he warned us for the Kentucky Derby was like this is that that it went a little wrong and it went like Eddie had to say hey. And said no I want it right on top but it should have a. It's like telling someone who can lead Chaka hey wanna buy this Hershey bar. You know maybe we wave it in front of them. Wanna get back well we'll see again McCall. And instead doesn't work we'll have Terry column. That. So we do it. You can't meet. And that was way too easy. Don we gotta get you back. Well I guess what democratic republic automatic Colo and there. Are at a paper rate cutting it short this. Any that if you're alive hit the deck I woke all men Korea. Okay and he learned the course is new right. We carry EPA. MER OBO. Like he made out. Box let's look at. All. Oh yeah. And you're right I that's funny ha yeah. Take a shot. Ollie followed and great uttered import go to big gambler luck. I know my grandfather and my grandfather would never. That mean this situation to where. I'm led people are straighter misrepresented down so I think Keegan stakes. They will be if she not don's picks very close to them. How Obama a little bit I mean I'm not gonna. Ever pick up undergo more they are when great pop out autos. And Al. I think that's about as much we can expect should or shouldn't I know I won't comment well I did okay Odeo perfect. Every other pop or that. Because we get that thing up but that door right back. And I've got my wife and do it and I hope we call him. 00. That's let us let us have done about that action. I'm going to be you know I realize I have I ever picked up a drop I like opened spoke. Is being doctor you're a bellow what you might have a rock ark where we. Work on it this year on the air yet. Last year we need our money in the Belmont so we were patient. But that the public out Berry you know they don't realize it wouldn't when your little rusty you've got to. It out now you can't get but not confident are all over it was going again. Well done this time what are they gonna get mad the seven year old. Actor but I. Win win its say they're not they get angry. King all of it out and do what everybody and you'll be out the door leagues. A lot of that away equity he has. Public know if the public. Idea Friday Dunn great to hear from everything low. Now. Called out. All right great dinner after a meets idea of writing it out by god bless you.